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Best Things To Do In Sibenik

If you are visiting Sibenik in Croatia, then here is a list of the best things to do in the European city. Read ahead to know more.

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The beautiful town of Sibenik by the Adriatic Sea may not be as popular as other European coastal destinations, but that is what makes it more special. It is a paradise that is hidden from the rest of the world, and you can enjoy the beauty in solace and solitude. One more thing, there are some UNESCO World Heritage sites here.

So, if you are planning a trip down to this Croatian city, know about the best things to do in Sibenik to make your trip a memorable one.

5 Best Things to Do in Sibenik

1. Visiting St. Nicholas Fortress and all the other fortresses in Sibenik

There are so many fortresses in Sibenik. St. Nicholas Fortress is one of them, and it saved Croatian glory against the formidable forces of the Turks. There is also St. Michaels Fortress, Barone Fortress, and St. John’s Fort. Thanks to the people and the rulers who had enough foresight to develop secure defensive architecture. Moreover, St. Nicholas is also a monastery and a UNESCO world heritage site.

2. Learning to train Falcons at Sokolarski Centar at Dubrava

If you love birds of prey, then Dubrava is the perfect spot for you. Dubrava is a village that is a ten-minute drive from Sibenik. You can go to the Sokolarski Centar, which is extremely popular both in the village and the town. Moreover, the founder of this center is Emilio Mendjušic, who has opened his private property to the public so that he and the other falcon lovers can come together and enjoy a harmless activity.

3. Go to the Solaris Aquapark

It is one of the prime attractions in Sibenik. The Solaris beach has dedicated an area of 8000 sq. mt. to the Solaris Aquapark. Here you can enjoy almost all the water sports. There are huge water slides, sprinklers, jets, waterfalls, and a lazy river that can entertain children and adults for 3 to 4 hours on the weekend. Also, there is a fairy tale cave that is a good place to explore. It is an ideal spot to let your hair down for some time. It is one of the amazing things to do in Sibenik.

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4. Sample the best wines at Krešimir IV

If you want to taste the best wines in Europe, make sure you pay a visit to Kresimir IV. The place has got an excellent selection of wines which are mainly of Dalmatian origin. Kresimir also has Croatia’s latest craft beers which are imported from Germany and Belgium, and other places in Europe. Please also don’t miss out on the top-quality coffee in Kresimir because it is quite popular among the locals.

5. Participate in the International Children’s Festival

Sibenik’s international children’s festival is popular all over Europe. That is why there are children, parents, and teachers from all over the world. The language of the event is English, so you can relax if you are not well versed in Croatian. Here you will find children taking part in dance, acting, graphic design, and comic drawing workshops. It is such a happy and noisy affair in peaceful Croatia.

Parting Thoughts

Besides this list of best things to do in Sibenik, there are other activities as well to keep you entertained and engaged. To know more or to book your trip to Sibenik, visit Also, Check out these Europe Cruise Tips if you are going on your first Europe cruise.

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