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Turkish Steps, Sicily
Turkish Steps, Sicily

5 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

Explore the best beaches in the Mediterranean for a memorable trip. If you are headed to the Mediterranean then don’t miss our favorite beaches.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Generally, when you plan a cruise to the Mediterranean Sea, you plan to stop at the popular European landmarks. Instead, you can take a detour and explore some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, where you will have a long-lasting bewitching effect. Along with picturesque coastlines, there are gorgeous countries., like France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Croatia. You can tour the breathtaking beaches and enjoy their crystal clear water. Check out this blog to learn more about the top beaches in the Mediterranean.


Best Beaches in the Mediterranean — which beaches are worth exploring?

1. Turkish Steps, Sicily

Without any doubt, this is a unique beach in the Mediterranean region. For several years, heavy rain, wind, and waves have affected the limestone and Marl Cliff. This resulted in huge natural steps that tourists now climb up to get a spectacular view of the surroundings. This beach is an absolute natural marvel, you must add this to your bucket list. However, if you want to experience how it feels to walk over these steps, you first need to cross a long stretch of the white-sand. Only then, you can see a contrast between the white limestone and clear blue water.

2. Banje Beach, Dubrovnik

Croatia itself is a dreamy country, and so are its beaches. Banje Beach in Dubrovnik is among the major tourist attractions. Since the climate is pleasant throughout the year, tourists continue to flock to the area. Beach lovers tend to try their hands at adventure sports like jet-skiing, parasailing, yachting, paddle boats, and more. Unlike any other beaches, facilities are much more modern. This beach also qualifies among the best beaches in the Mediterranean for families.

3. Jaz Beach, Montenegro

If you are in Budva or traveling to this region, you can squeeze a day trip into your schedule. This place is the perfect spot to ditch your heels or fancy shoes and dip your feet into the water. The water here is clear as glass, warm, and a little deeper in color. Jaz Beach is popular among tourists as well as the locals. This laid-back beach is ideal for solo travelers, couples, and even families.

4. Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach is very touristy. Its stretch is around two miles and is surrounded by cute little beach huts along with the city's high rises. This beach is perfect for experiencing the setting sun after a long day at work. Besides swimming and sunbathing, you can also go windsurfing, fly a kite on its shore, and take a yacht to sail on the sea. Tourists can also observe the famous El Peix, a metal fish sculpture by Frank Gehry. Nevertheless, at night this beach completely transforms itself into a popular nightclub. So, if you are a party-goer, who loves beaches too, Barceloneta will be one of the best beaches for you.

5. Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach is among the other unique tourist attractions in Santorini. It is situated at the shore of a dormant volcano on Aegean Island of the Eastern Mediterranean. Unlike other Mediterranean beaches, this one does not have a smooth beach. Instead, everything is deep rustic red in color, from the cliffs surrounding the beach to the pebbles in the sand. In contrast to its turquoise water, this red beach is a pristine treat for your eyes. A prime advantage of visiting this beach is that it is never too crowded. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and explore amazing rock structures and marine life beneath the water. According to tourists, this beach ranks among the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea.

What’s next?

Apart from these beaches, if you wish to make your stay comfortable and are looking for some of the best beach resorts in the Mediterranean, check this list below –

It is evident that the Mediterranean has diverse beaches. This diversity ranges from classic white sand beaches to rugged, lesser-known, undiscovered shorelines. So, if you are considering visiting any of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, start planning now. Lastly, no matter which beach you choose, you will be enthralled by the scintillating beauty that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Header Image by bepslab at Freepik

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