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Cruise Ships with Gardens and Greenery

Looking for a relaxing cruise experience? Enjoy the best of nature on board with the best green spaces on a cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Today cruise ships have everything a person could dream of including bumper cars, spas, roller coasters and parks...yes parks. Surrounded by greenery onboard while floating through the deep blue ocean, brings an unforgettable experience. The following are our favorite green spaces on board cruise ships.


Cruise Ships with Gardens

1. Central Park — Royal Caribbean Cruise

It is one of the most popular cruise ships with gardens that shook this industry and permanently altered our perceptions of cruising. Moreover, it was the largest cruise ship of that time.However, one of its biggest unique selling points is the lush open-air green area that resonates with the famous Central Park area of New York. This section of the ship reflects the design and surroundings of Central Park, offering a unique experience onboard.

2. Rooftop Garden — Celebrity Cruises

When Celebrity Cruises debuted the Rooftop Garden in 2018, it created a bit of a stir. It boasts a mix of different plants and distinctive sculptures that brings a mix of colors, offering a unique experience to travelers. Moreover, the sundeck has plenty of seating spaces, making it ideal for spending a beautiful afternoon at sea with friends or sipping an after-dinner beverage. Rooftop Garden Grill, an alfresco restaurant, can spoil you with choices as it offers a diverse menu covering various cuisines.

3. Lawn Club — Celebrity Cruises

Lawn Club is another one of the cruise ship spots with gardens & greenery from Celebrity Cruises. This concept is present in multiple ships of the company. The upper sundeck here has a real grass lawn, allowing you to have a good time playing games or arranging a picnic.

4. Eden — Celebrity Cruises

A three-story multipurpose indoor facility dubbed Eden was Celebrity Cruises’ next big endeavor to entice enthusiasts. This light-filled room has floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, as well as plants in almost every area. Here, the aim is to offer a relaxing experience and take you closer to nature. However, you cannot forego the functionality of this place as well. It serves as a lounge, bar, restaurant, and performance venue, depending on when you choose to visit it. Moreover, this place has various plants and herbs used to prepare food and drinks.

What’s Next?

Well, since you have a fair idea of ??where to find cruise ship spots with gardens and greenery, the next logical step is to make cruise ship reservations. Find the best plans and access the famous cruises at prices that will not punch a hole through your pocket by visiting Cruisebooking.

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