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Is Virgin Voyages for adults only?

Virgin Voyages is a high-end adult-only cruise line that aims to provide a special experience for adults. Continue reading this article to find out more about its services.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Spending time with your friends and family is a wonderful way to enhance the experience of your vacation. Your family may include your siblings, relatives, and even your children. Children always add fun and memories to every occasion that you share with them but on Virgin Voyages, it is believed that their absence takes the adulty luxurious experience. The ships enable adults to bring out their inner child during a vacation through Virgin Voyages. You can now wake up calm and quiet with no commotion whatsoever. Start your day with a shot of alcohol to stir your nerves. You can also visit some of the eateries with advanced menus featuring unconventional mouth-watering dishes. Participate in activities without having to worry about tending to your children, whether it is a typical workout session or a dive into the temperature-regulated pool. The experience includes all the basic services, including free Wi-Fi, so that you do not get too far from your loved ones. 

Is Virgin Voyages for adults only?

If you're looking for some quality time with your friends, you've come to the right place. Here you will find all the details, an adults-only cruise line dedicated to bringing families an unforgettable voyage.

Fitness programs

Virgin Voyages have specific wellness-oriented programs that are aimed to enhance the experience of their guests during their stay. The ship provides plenty of opportunities for early morning yoga classes and meditation sessions to connect your soul to your body once again. You can visit one of the several well-equipped gyms present onboard. Passengers can also get inside a boxing ring or just throw themselves at punching bags. If you are more of an athletic individual than a combat specialist, then going on a morning sprint on the running track that wraps around the ship might be a good idea. A good gym session or a round of exercise will make you feel productive even during your vacation and will regulate your reckless calorie intake. The ship also features a world-class Redemption Spa that provides its guests with private treatments. The guests can also visit a steam room, sauna, and therapy rooms, depending on their needs. The experience is more luxurious than it sounds, as there is nothing like taking a dip in a hot tub while witnessing the magnificent Caribbean waves through a see-through window.

Dining facilities

The most distinguishing factor that separates Virgin Voyages from classic cruises is its dining experience. The experiences are much more exciting and interactive than the typical Titanic-esque dining look. The guests can choose from various themed eateries and a causal restaurant that features a little bit of everything. Each restaurant provides a unique experience that is both luxurious and aesthetic. These restaurants include The Wake, The Gallery, Pink Agave, Razzle Dazzle, and Extra Virgin. However, if you are looking for an even more special experience that transcends the normal conventions of fine dining, then Test Kitchen and Gunbae are the ideal options you can choose from. The platings are creative and the dishes taste like nothing that you ever had before. Each delicacy served in these restaurants will leave you wanting more. Virgin Voyages aims to establish and improve socialization on cruise ships so that strangers can involve themselves in conversations and form new bonds. Ordering food with your newly made friends is an experience in itself.

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Social gatherings

Virgin Voyages also takes social events to a different level by providing you with live-act experiences that you have never witnessed before. Rather than going with the typical magic shows, comedy acts, and Broadway-esque plays, Virgin Voyages is known to host interactive shows to entertain their guests during the evening. Be prepared to handle the bombardment of risque questions. Extroverts can have the experience of a lifetime during their time on the stage, while introverts can enjoy the situation from their very seats.

Virgin Voyages aims to provide every adult with the experience that they deserve by making it a child-free zone. Order a glass of wine and celebrate life with your significant other in a completely tranquil environment. Just show up with your dreams and let them do the rest.

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