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How Far in Advance Do You Need To Book A Cruise?

Booking a cruise at the perfect time to get the best value for your money is important. Keep reading to find out more about cruises and their bookings.

By Cruise Booking Team

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What are Cruise Lines?

Cruise lines are the companies that operate cruise ships, and the whole industry is known as Cruise Tourism. Cruise ships are large ships having many amenities like accommodation for the customers, food, beverages, and entertainment, all the while traveling on a set route. The amenities often range from cinema theatres to planetariums and from exquisite restaurants to ice bars and snow rooms. Almost all family-oriented cruise lines provide programs for children and teens. These amenities can be all-inclusive as well.

How far in advance should you book a cruise trip?

Booking a cruise trip depends upon your will to get the best prices for the cruise trip. There are usually two types of windows when you want to book your cruise tickets. You can either book early or wait till the very end to book the tickets. Here is how it works:

If you want to take a trip during a high-demand sailing time such as school holidays, you must book as soon as the fares are open. This is to ensure that you get a sure-shot spot on the cruise trip and that you might even get your desired cabin location. It is advisable to book as early as possible since the fares increase as the cruise ship gets booked.

Now, if you are not looking to travel during the high-demand season and have a very flexible work schedule or are retired, you can play the waiting game. As the traveling date approaches, cruise lines tend to give great deals to their customers in order to fill the seats on the ship and you might land a once-in-a-lifetime deal with this tactic. However, there is a high chance that you might even end up left out.

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Types of Cruise Lines

There are mainly 4 types of cruises or cruise lines available for customers to choose from. These cruises are different in size, amenities, services, and even the route they sail on. The below mentioned are the main categories/types of cruise lines.

Mainstream Ocean Cruise Lines:

These are the most common and the most family-oriented cruise lines. These are usually the biggest cruise ships with the highest cruiser capacity. You can sip a fancy drink with your partner on the ship deck or play bingo with your family while your children can engage in extensive entertainment programs. Sounds fun, right?

Premium Ocean Cruise Lines:

These types of cruise lines are for those who want a more refined and exclusive experience. With more attentive service and gracious atmospheres, premium ocean cruise lines tend to carry fewer cruisers as compared to mainstream ocean cruise lines. Since the cruisers are fewer, they get a better cruising experience. These cruise lines are for those who are not very budget sensitive.

Luxury Ocean Cruise Lines:

As the name suggests, these types of cruise lines are the most luxurious of all. The ships which are used often range from mega-yachts to mid-sized ships and carry a very small number of guests (often a hundred guests or so). One can expect very exquisite and almost personal service on such cruise lines, which can rival any five-star resort’s service and amenities due to its low crew-to-guest ratio. Moreover, due to the smaller passenger size, the spaces in the ship feel abundant and are plusher and comfortable.

River Cruise Lines:

Yes! cruising at a slow and rhythmic pace is possible, thanks to river cruise lines. These cruise lines use rivers, canals, and other small waterways to provide an intimate cruising experience. River cruise lines are often preferred by mature clientele, not families, as they don’t provide much for kids and teens. These are the best cruise lines for couples who seek some relaxed exploration.

To Conclude

Any day to book the tickets for the cruise trip is a good day, but the best time to book your favorite cruise trip is when the fares are out, which guarantees a place on the ship. However, playing the waiting game till the end can also pay off great dividends, with a few risks, of course!

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