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How do you take a cruise on a budget?

Save money, stick to your budget, and go on the cruise you have always dreamed of. Wondering how? Read the blog to get the answer!

By Cruise Booking Team

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At the outset, it may seem that a cruise vacation is a luxury. A cruise trip is usually not considered a budget travel option, and compared to other kinds of vacation, it may seem expensive. But the good news is that you do not need a lot of money to take a cruise, and it is a myth that all cruises will burn a hole in your pocket.

How do you take a cruise on a budget?

In this blog, we bring you the top tips to find the most affordable cruises and advice on how to go on a quick cruise getaway even if you are low on cash.

Tips to take a cruise on a budget

1. Decide the budget

The first step in booking a cruise is deciding on your budget and how much money you can spend comfortably on your vacation. While most of your expenses will comprise your cruise fare, you have to consider other factors. For instance, you must include airfare if you are flying to the cruise port, transportation, and hotel costs. Decide the onboard activities you want to splurge on, such as spas and casinos while on your cruise, and ensure your budget takes those into consideration.

2. Research and watch out for deals

Once you decide on your budget, research the cruise lines that fit within your budget. While some cruise vacations offer great prices and deals, others offer more luxury and upscale features. Make a list of cruise travel agents and subscribe to their emails. Turn on notifications on social media to know of deals and offers. Be alert to spot deals, as agents sometimes suddenly drop prices due to various reasons. On the other hand, cruises always have promotions and offers going on that keep changing, so it may be worth waiting for an offer that fits your needs.

3. Book early and at the correct season

Another tip for booking a budget cruise is to book it as early as possible because when you book early, you can get the cabin that aligns with your budget. The best time to book is as soon as the itineraries go on sale, as you can choose from the best ships, cabins, and trips. When the itineraries open up, typically, the cheapest cabins get booked first. If you wait until sailing, you may end up with high-priced rooms.

Another way to save money is to book your cruise during the off-season. The prices can be significantly lower during non-public holidays, school days, and monsoon season.

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4. Book an inside cabin

On any cruise ship, inside cabins are the cheapest rooms you will find. Although inside cabins do not have a window, they have everything else you need. It is a comfortable place to stay, sleep, shower, and change, with usually plenty of storage.

5. Pay in installments

Many travelers find that a cruise is more affordable if it can be paid off in installments. Many cruise lines offer interest-free monthly payments that you can set up with the travel agent. Some cruise bookings do not even need a deposit, and the first payment is not due until a few weeks. Making payments aligning with your budget and timeline can ease the vacation planning process.

6. Choose your local port

Cruise expenditure, including airline tickets, can be high if you begin your cruise from a port that is far away from your town. You must find the nearest cruise ports and calculate the cost incurred to reach there. Ensure that your port is within driving distance from your home to make the cruise more affordable.

7. Skip shore excursions

Another easy way to save hundreds on a cruise vacation is to skip shore excursions. Shore excursions can turn out to be very expensive, especially for a large family. If you want to look around ports, book shore excursions independently via a third party or book a group tour to save money.

Final words

A cruise vacation is ideal for relaxing and exploring different exotic destinations. If you plan smartly, your cruise can be affordable and enjoyable. The experience of the cruise itself can be luxurious without splurging exorbitantly while onboard. Research and shop around for the best deals so that you are not surprised with a big, unexpected bill.

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