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Should I pay cruise gratuities in advance?

Confused about paying cruise gratuities in advance? Check out the full details here.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You could be debating whether it's preferable to pay your tips in advance or after you board the ship regarding gratuities on cruise ships. Although there is no right or wrong response, prepaying gratuities has some benefits you should consider. However, both sides of the debate have some very valid arguments, and there are multiple things that you must consider.

Is it preferable to pay for tips in advance when cruising?

Here are the three sides of paying tips in advance while cruising. Choose accordingly!

Paying your gratuities in advance keeps your onboard expenses lower. Nobody enjoys receiving a large bill at the end of a trip, and you can prevent this by paying your gratuities in advance.

The price of tips on cruises may occasionally increase. So, it might be beneficial to lock in the reduced rate and ward off possible price hikes by paying your gratuities in advance.

How should you pay the cruise gratuity?

There is no solid answer to this question, which largely depends on the traveler.

Which cruise lines incorporate gratuities in the price?

The following cruise companies include gratuities in their rates. However you should always ask at the time of booking whether or not the gratuities are included in your fare.

How are gratuities paid in advance on a cruise?

When you plan your cruise, you can prepay your tips with your travel agency, or i prepay them during your check-in process. Depending on the cruise line, you can prepay your gratuities up to 72 hours before boarding.

Can I waive any service fees or gratuities for the cruise line?

At the guest services desk on the cruise ship, you can increase or decrease gratuities. But, if you less them you'll probably be questioned about it, as the cruise company wants to address any service concerns and grievances onboard.

Final words

Typically, most travelers like to prepay their gratuities on a cruise simply because they prefer not having to worry about it onboard. Nevertheless, as the gratuities would be deducted automatically once on the ship, it is also okay to wait. However, at the end of the day, choosing to pay gratuities in advance is a matter of personal preference.

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