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What cruise ship is best for sports?

Do you want to engage in sports while on a cruise? Continue reading to learn about the cruise ships that include some of the most exciting sports facilities.

By Cruise Booking Team

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One of the most important aspects of a cruise holiday is entertainment, where passengers can enjoy live shows, movies, and exhilarating activities. The top cruise lines offer diverse activities, ranging from sports courts and running tracks to high-adrenaline events. Basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, and badminton are among many of the sports available to visitors. Several cruise lines provide sports-themed cruises where passengers can sail with their favorite sports personalities and witness big sporting events. Grand Prix cruises, golf cruises, and cycling cruises are examples of sports-themed cruises.

Which Cruise Ship Offers the Best Sports Facilities?

The following list is some of the best cruise ships with outstanding sports facilities.

1 - Anthem of Seas by Royal Caribbean

Anthem of the Seas Cruise is one of the best sports cruises since it provides several options for travelers to experience action-packed games. Guests can participate in various sports, like basketball on a full-size conventional basketball court, at the facility. It also has indoor sports facilities, including table tennis and pool tables with a gyroscope feature. All guests get one free 60-second flight on the onboard skydiving simulator, which can be an amazing experience. The ship also offers a running track for individuals who want to stay in shape.

2 - Sky Princess by Princess Cruises

Sky Princess Cruise is geared toward sports enthusiasts, with amenities ranging from an indoor cycling studio to a full-size basketball court. It has an outdoor jogging track for travelers who want to stay in shape or take a leisurely walk. The outdoor sports deck allows guests to engage in various activities, including paddle boarding, kayaking, and volleyball. Travelers can go to a miniature golf putting course to have an enjoyable competition with their loved ones.

3 - Oasis of The Seas by Royal Caribbean Cruises

Oasis of the Seas Cruise is also ideal for sports enthusiasts, as it offers a sports pool where you can play team games like water polo. It also has a pool bar adjacent to it where you can relax and enjoy your favorite beverage. The cruise ship organizes sports tournaments on its large sports court for games like football, volleyball, and basketball. The indoor ice rink can accommodate up to 50 guests at a time, and the crew members provide all necessary equipment. Rock climbing is the ideal way to experience a thrill, as it boasts two 43 feet high walls.

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4 - Odyssey by Seabourn

Seabourn Odyssey Cruise is perfect for those who want to enjoy a luxury cruise experience and a wide range of entertaining sports. There is a 9-hole golf course and shuffleboard on the outdoor deck area of the ship, known as The Retreat. The cruise ship features a trademark water sports marina to enjoy kayaking and a banana boat ride. It also includes a unique activity where guests sit in inner tubes and are dragged to the swimming platform by a motorboat.

5 - Disney Magic by Disney Cruise Line

Disney Magic Cruise features various recreational sports activities that are suitable for people of all age groups. The open-air activity area on the top deck offers entertainment options such as a miniature golf course, basketball, and virtual sports simulators. The ship's Wide World of Sports Deck can be an excellent spot for playing ping-pong while enjoying the beautiful ocean views. AquaDunk is an exciting waterslide that sends people rocketing over the ship's side on a 20-foot curve. 

6 - Carnival Vista by Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise Carnival Vista is well-known for its Sport Square, where guests can enjoy games with family and friends, such as mini-golf, football, basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong. Stationary cycles, elliptical machines, weight-lifting equipment, and punching bags are also available. People on the rope course are fastened into a safety harness and travel across rope bridges, swinging steps, and beams hanging above the top deck. The onboard water park includes a spiral water slide and a speedway splash in which a person travels hundreds of feet. There is a jogging track on the upper deck for those who want to run in the fresh sea air.


Sports activities are one of the most appealing features of a cruise ship since they provide some of the best entertainment and fun. Several top cruise lines are constantly attempting to add new and innovative sports facilities to their ships to attract people. If you want to enjoy sports while on vacation, the cruise ships mentioned above will be great options.

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