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What types of cruises are classified as group charter cruises?

Are you willing to spend your holidays with a large group of friends? Find out more about group charter cruises and their various types.

By Cruise Booking Team

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When a cruise is partially or completely booked by a group of individuals for a certain duration, it is known as a group charter cruise. Most fully booked cruise charters are themed, such as music festivals, events by major companies, or celebrity events. In partial charter cruises, a specific area of the ship or several cabins are reserved by a group of people, and others outside of that group are not permitted to access that area of the ship.

Which Cruises Are Referred to as Group Charter Cruises?

Booking a charter cruise can be a great way to celebrate special occasions and large family or friends reunions.

Types of charter cruises

1 - Motor Yacht Charters

Motor yachts are the most popular form of charter option since they provide spacious accommodations, big deck areas, and lots of space for entertaining activities. It is similar to a floating resort where you can relax in the sun or enjoy various games with your loved ones. A small onboard crew is also available, offering a great personalized service to make your vacation comfortable and convenient.

2 - Catamarans

Catamarans are widely popular among those who charter a cruise for the first time, as they offer fun-filled sailing and complete comfort and privacy. Catamarans have the great benefit of allowing you to go for a quick swim in the sea and enjoy surfing and paddle boarding. Riding on such boats is much more comfortable as it is very stable and you don’t have to worry about getting seasick. 

3 - Bareboat Sailing Yacht

A bareboat sailing yacht is ideal for folks who enjoy partying while sailing since it has a spacious deck and accommodations. These yachts are accompanied by a small staff known as skippers, who ensure guests have everything they require. Skippers rarely get in the way to ensure that guests enjoy their time in privacy without any kind of interference.

4 - Superyacht

Superyachts are the largest type of yacht, capable of accommodating a large number of passengers and providing a wide range of luxurious facilities. Many of these yachts are run year-round for charter businesses, while some privately owned yachts are offered for charter part-time. It has a decent crew size, including a captain, chefs, interior staff, deck crew, and engineers.

5 - Family Friendly Charters

These charter cruises are designed exclusively for families and children, with a family-friendly crew and a variety of water toys for children's entertainment. Water toys are a big attraction for the majority of families, from paddle boarding to water skiing, windsurfing to water trampolining. Open-air theaters on these yachts might be an excellent way to spend quality family time while watching a movie. These cruises offer watersports, beach picnics, and family barbeques as part of their itinerary. 

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Tips to Know while Planning a Group Charter Cruise

  • Look for the perfect yacht or cruise according to the number of people in your group. Consider how spacious the yacht is and the number of available rooms.
  • Ensure that the group has a leader who handles most of the research, books the cruise, and sends out invitations.
  • It might be difficult to find the right cruise, so working with a travel agency is the best option. Agents frequently have good connections with cruise lines and have access to discounts and perks.
  • Decide ahead of time on your entire shore excursion, as some top cruise lines allow you to design your excursions.


A trip on a group charter cruise will always be an excellent choice because you will be in complete control of your holiday and will not have to worry about anyone other than the group. When looking for a suitable charter cruise, keep in mind the size of your group and your vacation requirements. A group charter cruise will undoubtedly provide a unique vacation experience in addition to all the luxuries.

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