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How to Make Your Cruise Even More Fun?

Fun things to do when on port while cruising include fascinating excursions arranged by private tour guides and more!

By Cruise Booking Team

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If you are considering going on a cruise for a vacation with friends and family, things can get a lot more interesting than you expect. There are fun activities to be a part of around the clock on cruises which include fine dining and enjoying live events. Bare minimum activities include relaxing by the deck and sipping on drinks.

How to Make Your Cruise Even More Fun?

More information regarding fun activities to be a part of on a cruise follow as you read further.

Ways to make a cruising experience even more fun

Here are some of the ways to make your journey filled with fun and adventures while onboard the cruise.

1. Take part in in-port activities

There are fun port activities that may take place on secluded beaches. Cruise lines offer fascinating excursions arranged by private tour guides. These activities include cycling trips, exploring historical sites and attractions, going shopping, and the minimum you can do is relax as you stop by a port.

2. Have an eventful dinner

You will get multiple offers on ways to improvise a very simple meal. Make an order for course-by-course dining in your cabin, or even better off, dine on your balcony. More so, to celebrate a special event, you may order a cake for your loved one with a request made beforehand.

3. Attend formal events dressing up

Getting all dressed up can turn an ordinary evening into an unforgettable night. The vibe is that of a ballroom, and you may choose to dance in a lounge on the cruise for undertaking a voyage.

4. Have a fun photo session

Have a photo session with your family and counterpart and make long-lasting memories onboard your cruise. All you need to do is get your ship’s photographer to capture your magical moments as you dress up in formal attire with a catchy background. Groups can try out matching outfits, and there can be festivity-based costumes to get photographed in.

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5. Drink and hang out on the deck

The sail-away parties are worth being a part of, hanging out with a frothy drink with an umbrella in it. Enjoy the company of your fellow voyagers with a view of the endless horizon as exotic ports become visible afar. The warm ocean breeze mystifies you when you sail through, enjoying every moment of it.

6. Hang out on the hammocks by the sea

You may enjoy hanging out by the edge of the deck on a hammock. In case you want to sunbathe, you may consider laying down on one over a Margarita with shades on. Stare into the glimmering waves and be reminiscent of everything you have experienced so far in life and onboard the cruise.

7. Enjoy deck concerts on board

Enjoy live musical concerts on decks, a fun-filled and flamboyant experience grooving and tapping your feet. Many bands sign contracts with cruise lines, and these bands move about across different countries and states on the ship, performing all the way. Enjoy flavourful cocktails as you enjoy live performances.

8. Participate in sports

Multiple sports take place onboard a cruise, and it is a win-win situation for adrenaline junkies. Skydiving and surfing are amongst other sports which you can enjoy on a cruise. These surfing facilities are made artificially and incorporate surfing stimulators for an experience safe enough.

9. Hit the sauna for a detox session

You can take a trip to the sauna facility on your cruise after a tiresome day on board. Bid goodbyes to your worries as you cleanse your body in the sauna bath. The stress will just melt away as you sit in steam rooms. You should close your eyes during the bath and avoid conversations.


Check what amenities and events are being held on your specific voyage so that you pack accordingly.

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