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How to Choose a Cruise Drink Package?

Choose from sparkling water to amazing wines, iced tea to morning coffee, or other beverage packages that delight and surprise you every day onboard a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Wondering how to get yourself premium drinks onboard your cruise without having to worry about costs adding up? All you need to do is avail yourself of a cruise drink package. The all-inclusive pricing range may include prepaid gratuities and classic beverage packages. Hence, your package includes non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and frozen drinks.

How to choose a cruise drink package?

Keep reading to find out more about the drink packages on a cruise.

What are drink packages on cruise ships?

Cruise lines offer drink packages that enable you to get as many drinks as you want. Some cruise lines may offer numerous delightful tires of drinks packages. These include basic to elaborate tires, where the basic one comprises bottled water and soda bottles, and an elaborate tire includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

In certain cases, there may be more than just one tire of all-inclusive plans, and some cruise lines even offer fancy coffee drinks along with wine-specific packages.

What types of beverages are available on cruises?

From sparkling water to amazing wines, iced tea to morning coffee, beverage packages delight, hydrate, and surprise you every day. Apart from that, you find chilled fountain sodas and classic cocktails available at most restaurants or bars onboard a cruise.

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How much do alcoholic drinks cost on cruise ships?

Varied cruise lines offer a variety of drink packages, and some of these cruise lines include Holland America and the Carnival Cruise Line. The prices of drink packages on these cruise lines cost about $60 per person each day. Other cruise lines, such as  Norwegian Cruise Line, charge a total of $138 per person each day.

Drink packages without alcoholic drinks, which include soda packages, usually cost low. Packages with soda mostly cost $10 per person per day, and it is worth noting that some cruise lines offer discounts on drink packages when you purchase them before you set sail. Some cruise lines even offer sales that are periodic on their drink packages.

Can you purchase drinks on a cruise without a drink package?

Almost all cruise lines let you buy drinks on board even if you do not have a drink package purchased. It is not mandatory to purchase a drink package to have drinks on a cruise. Nevertheless, adding such packages can save you from the hustle and bustle at the bar counters, and enjoy your vacation peacefully.

Are there sharing options available on drink packages?

Most cruises do not allow sharing of drink packages. MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruises, and Holland America Cruises have a rule that an adult cannot share drinks with others in the cabin. In addition, each adult in the cabin needs to purchase individual drink packages of their own.


It may seem odd for you to pay some hundred dollars for drinks before you start your cruising vacation. Once you get to experience the liberty of enjoying all luxurious wines and even non-alcoholic beverages, you will surely not regret your investment, and it is truly worth it to purchase a drink package.

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