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How to Book a Suite for Less?

Are you planning a cruise vacation but worried about the expenses? Here are some expert tips for a budget cruise vacation.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Are you dreaming of booking a suite on a cruise but running short on a budget? It might seem like a distant dream, but it is possible. Cruise holidays are generally expensive, but you can save a lump sum with the right tips. Here are some ideas to help you live a cruise experience without a large hole in your pocket.

How to Book a Suite for Less?

Hesitating to plan a cruise holiday because of the price? You can save some money with the right tips. Here are the top 5 tips which you can follow for booking a suite on a cruise for a lesser price:

1. Book a Suite during the shoulder season

If you want to stay in the suite but by paying a lesser price, try to book it while the shoulder season is on. If you check the booking status of your preferred cruises during the shoulder season, you will find that they are significantly fewer in number.

These allow you to enjoy VIP amenities like sundecks and personal mini bars at a moderate price. You must keep track of the shoulder season for your preferred destination. For instance, if you want to visit Santorini in Greece, you should book your suite towards the end of April till the second week of June or between September and October.

2. Enroll in loyalty programs offered by your preferred cruise lines

Loyalty programs help in building brand loyalty for a very long time. Brands generally use loyalty programs to generate sales during relatively low seasons. Registering for any cruise line program will provide cruiser benefits like flexible timings, specialty dining, and service discounts.

Any cruise line will consider you as their first preference during instances like the shoulder season or the low season. The more your frequency of sailing, the more preference you have for booking the suite.

3. Take a risk by bidding for an upgrade

Search for cruises that upgrade rooms by arranging a bidding session for its passengers. A third party conducts the bidding sessions two months before the booked dates. Only some get the opportunity to take part in the bidding. However, remember to participate if they send you instructions.

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4. Book a smaller or a mini-suite

Cruises have suites with varied sizes and inclusions. If you want to experience a suite, you can start by looking for mini-suites. They are less expensive than the larger suites with fewer perks. However, they are better than the standard cabins. You can save with these by avoiding the overcharges of larger suites.

5. Connect with a travel agent

Travel agents have direct access to discounts and offer available for cruisers. You can have the advantage of receiving complimentary benefits like specialty meals along with suites at a lesser price. Furthermore, travel agents will help you find personalized travel itineraries and suites at a lesser price.

Final words

You can also follow tips like booking as early as possible, booking a suite from an older or an unpopular ship, selecting cheaper destinations, and trying to strike off any add-ons while planning your stay.

Pro tip: Keep tracking the prices of rooms on the cruise because they keep fluctuating. You might get an incredible discount at the time of the final booking.

Booking a suite for lower prices on a cruise is tricky, but following the above tips will make it easy.

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