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What cruise lines sail out of Honolulu?

Here is a list of the top cruise lines that you should look at if you are planning a cruise from Honolulu.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is undoubtedly one of the best destinations to take a cruise from. This city is located on the island of Oahu, which is blessed with exotic beaches and serene landscapes. In this regard, you will find a lot of cruise lines providing itineraries to different locations in Hawaii, and the duration usually ranges from 7 to 12 nights.

What cruise lines sail out of Honolulu?

As mentioned earlier, multiple cruise lines are sailing out of Honolulu. A few of those include –

1. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

Honolulu is situated in the backdrop of the tranquil Pacific and the lofty Koolau Mountains and serves as an excellent place for cruising. In most cases, the cruises of NCL sailing from Honolulu depart from the Port of Honolulu. Cruises of NCL has excellent onboard and leisure activities, with a great variety of cuisines.

Also, this Norwegian Cruise Line has various types of cruises including family-friendly cruises, senior citizen cruises, romantic & honeymoon cruises, and more.

2. Princess Cruises

Princess cruises are one of the most luxurious and recognized cruises in the globe. Also, this cruise line offers great features to elevate your dining and movie experience. Also, it is considered one of the best cruise lines for multigenerational families and couples focused on exploring destinations rather than onboard activities.

3. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises has multiple itineraries from Honolulu to various destinations. Two destinations that celebrity cruises cover from Honolulu include Australia and Canada. However, you can find various routes to reach Sydney or Vancouver and choose as per your requirement. Ships of Celebrity Cruise line is equipped with various entertainment activities, health and fitness activities, cuisines, etc.

4. Royal Caribbean

Similar to other cruise lines from Honolulu, Royal Caribbean also provides exciting itineraries to multiple destinations, such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Vancouver. Depending on your preferences, you can choose your destination, for instance, there is a 17-night transpacific cruise, 8-night Hawaii cruise, 10-Night Hawaii to Vancouver Cruise, etc.

This cruise line is ideal for families and is equipped with features such as a baby-friendly facility, connected staterooms, in-room Wi-Fi, etc.

5. Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises is a luxury cruise that is primarily preferred by sophisticated and luxury-friendly travelers. This cruise line offers itineraries starting of Honolulu and provides cruises for families, disabled persons, senior citizens, romantic & honeymoon destinations, etc. Also, the restaurant of Seabourn provides excellent food that is presented to provide the ultimate delicacy.

Final Words

Although there are multiple options of cruise lines that sail out of Honolulu, you can choose depending on your preferences and destination. However, before you choose, make sure to check to get an exciting range of itinerates and multiple cruise line options.

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