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Can you bring food to your room on a cruise?

You must have enjoyed the food on a cruise, but have you ever wondered can you take the food to your room? If you want to know, keep reading the article.

By Cruise Booking Team

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On a cruise ship, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always included in the cruise ticket. Not every restaurant will, however, be cost-free. Your cruise payment will always include access to the main dining room and the ship's buffet, while some specialised products can have an additional fee. The majority of upmarket or sit-down speciality restaurants impose an additional fee, either in the form of a flat cover charge or per-item pricing. Some of the more relaxed extra spaces are free, while others have a little fee. Each location normally has a sign with the price.

Can you bring food to your room on a cruise?

Dining options on a cruise

There are several onboard eateries and eating options available on cruise ships. The larger ships typically provide more choices, although even the smallest ships frequently feature many dining establishments. Typically, cruise ships will have the main dining area, a sit-down location where you may choose from a menu of favourites from the United States and Europe (often with some international choices). You may probably have to share a table with other patrons at these very large banquet-style eateries, where a dress code is enforced during supper. Near the pool, the majority of ships also include a buffet restaurant where guests can assist themselves with already-cooked food, and attire is more relaxed. Specialty restaurants are smaller establishments on many ships that include more tables for two. Steakhouses, French bistros, Italian trattoria, or Japanese sushi restaurants are some of the cruise lines' themed restaurants. Pizza restaurants, hot dog stalls, outdoor grills, and bakeries are examples of more informal dining options. Only guests staying in suites or spa cabins are allowed entrance to some ships' exclusive dining rooms.

Room Service

On most large cruise ships, food can be delivered to your cabin any time of day or night. An all-day menu comprising sandwiches, salads, pizza, and possibly a few hot items or appetisers, and perhaps a few hot items or appetisers are typically included on the room service menu. Some lines also serve a few hot things, sometimes for an additional price. While most cruise lines offer complimentary room service, some, like Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, levy a per-order cost for meals placed in the middle of the night. Pizza delivery is a fee on several cruise lines, notably Princess Cruises.

Taking food back to the room

The main eating area and the buffet are free to use. You can find the hours that each restaurant will be open the following day in your daily planner, which is delivered to your stateroom every evening. You can take food from the buffet back to your room if you'd rather eat away from the crowds. If you take food from the buffet or another informal location and bring it back to your room, nobody will object. You can always ask your waiter to plate up the rest of your meal to take with you if you need to leave the main dining room or sit down at the specialty venue early for some reason.

Bringing food on board

Although it is discouraged to bring food on board, you are allowed to bring your own food snacks or non perishable items if you prefer.  There is so much food provided onboard,  bringing your own food isn't really necessary unless you're quite picky or have dietary restrictions.


Food and drinking are usually complimentary on the cruises. You are also allowed to bring your own snack on the cruise so that you can have what you love. A certain time is fixed for every meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can either have it with everybody in the dining room or bring it to your room. 

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