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Can You Bring Food On a Cruise and How Much?

Are you unsure whether you should bring food on a cruise? Learn about the food policies of various cruise lines and find out how much food and beverages are permitted on a cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise is an exciting opportunity to travel and escape from regular life, but cruise lines have different rules and regulations about what items travelers can bring. Many cruise lovers might think, ‘Can we bring food on a cruise?’ Cruise lines allow their travelers to bring only a limited amount of food. Food that is allowed to bring on a cruise should be properly packed and sealed, such as packets of chips, granola bars, packed cookies, and more. Travelers must ensure that the food items they bring on a cruise are in their original packing and unopened.

What is the maximum amount of food and beverages allowed on a cruise ship?

Every cruise line has a different policy regarding what food items to bring and in what quantity. The following is a list of cruise lines and their policies regarding food items that travelers can bring onboard.

1 - Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line allows its passengers to bring non-perishable prepackaged food in limited quantities and certain beverages onboard. When guests board the ship, each one of them is allowed one 750 ml sealed bottle of wine or champagne if he/she is of drinking age. Non-alcoholic beverages should be transported in carry-on luggage on boarding day and are limited to 12 standard cans or bottles. Passengers who buy alcoholic beverages in port or bring more than the one allowed bottle on embarking day will have their items carefully stored on the ship, and these bottles will be given on the last day onboard.

2 - Carnival Cruise Line

Passengers traveling with the Carnival cruise line are allowed to bring pre-packaged and ready-to-eat snacks onboard, while homemade food items and pre-cooked food are prohibited. Each traveler over the age of 21 is permitted to bring 750 ml of wine or champagne in their carry-on luggage. Those who want to drink wine or champagne in the dining room will be charged a $15 corkage fee. Travelers are allowed to bring a maximum of 12 sealed cans of non-alcoholic beverages like juice, soda, milk, and sparkling water. 

3 - Celebrity Cruises

On board Celebrity cruise ships, travelers are allowed to carry only certain amounts of their own packed snacks. However, food that has to be refrigerated is not permitted on the ship. The cruise line permits travelers to bring alcohol on embarkation day, which should be two 750 ml bottles of wine per cabin. Alcohol purchased in ports throughout the journey will be taken by staff and kept onboard until the end of the vacation when it will be given back. 

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4 - Disney Cruise Line

Disney cruise line does not allow any kind of food in open containers or homemade items onboard. Travelers may carry nonperishable snacks or food items with them as long as they are unopened and in their sealed packages. The age limit for bringing alcoholic beverages is 21 years or older, and each traveler is permitted to bring two 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne. They can also bring up to 6 beers, but they must be no larger than 12 ounces. Those bringing non-alcoholic beverages such as soda or juice should ensure they are safely and tightly packed in carry-on luggage.

5 - Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian cruise line only allows its travelers to bring sealed food items on the ship. Guests can only bring bottles of wine and champagne, while other alcoholic beverages like beer, vodka, and whiskey are not allowed. Beverages purchased at any port of call will be given on the last day of the voyage after being properly stored by the staff. Travelers who bring their own wine or champagne and want to drink it in any restaurant or cabin will be charged a corkage fee of $15 for 750 ml bottles and $30 for 1500 ml bottles.


It is true that cruise lines permit travelers to carry food items on board a cruise ship, but they must be in the specified, regulated quantities. If you want to bring your own drinks and food, you must verify with your cruise line prior to departure day to avoid having any prohibited goods seized.

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