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What are different dining options on a cruise?

Are you a foodie and cannot compromise on your dining experience? Find out what are the different dining options available on a cruise and the average cost.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Food and dining are essential features in any cruise ship experience. Top-of-the-line cruises offer some of the most unique and enticing food choices. It is crucial for cruise ships to have different dining options for their guests as it attracts travelers from various parts of the world who have different taste buds. Not to mention, it is the only place guests can visit on the sea. Here is a list of the different dining options available on cruise ships.

What are the Different Types of Dining Options Available on a Cruise?

Here are some dining options generally offered on cruises. You can choose any of the following to improve your experience:

Traditional Dining:

Traditional dining rooms on cruise ships are great if you are looking for a more sophisticated dining experience. These options are usually included in the cruise package itself. The fine dining experience in traditional dining rooms on cruise ships is something every traveler looks for. 

Healthy Options:

Healthy dining options on cruise ships are available for all the gym and diet followers on board. Healthy restaurants on cruise ships include vegan restaurants, spas, wellness restaurants, etc. Not only do the specific healthy restaurants serve such foods, but also the specialty food restaurants on cruise ships offer healthy food alternatives such as vegan, gluten-free, and low-fat, etc.

Buffet Dining:

Buffet dining is the most common and favorite dining option available to guests on cruise ships. Guests can choose from a variety of flavorful foods, salads, appetizers, and desserts on the buffet menu. Buffets are open on cruise ships throughout the day. So, one can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the buffet on cruise ships.

Flexible Dining:

Flexible dining options offer you to choose a different type of dining option for every night. If you are someone who experiments with your food on a regular basis, then a flexible dining option is a must for you. Flexible dining includes flexible timings as well. Thus, you can choose your dinner time based on your leisure.

Specialty Restaurants:

Specialty restaurants on cruise ships have become a competition to the traditional dining rooms on cruise ships. It includes only premium food brands and international cuisine. Some of the fan-favorite specialty restaurants on cruise ships are Nouveau Restaurant of Carnival Cruisea’, Murano of Celebrity Cruises’, Salt Grill of P&O Cruises', Le Cirque of Holland America Cruises’, Chops Grille Royal Caribbean Cruises’, Verandah Restaurant of Cunard Cruises’ and Le Bistro of Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Room Dining:

Room dining service is available on all top-of-the-line cruises. If you are not in the mood to leave your room or just want to chill and have dinner inside your room, you should consider room service. 

Drinks Options:

Drinks are essential in any cruise ship experience. All the top cruise ships offer an incredible range of drink options, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Many cruise ships offer drink packages, which you can be an option without having any headache of keeping track of your drinks tab. These drink packages range from economy to premium class.

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What is the Average Cost Structure of Dining on a Cruise?

Cruise packages usually come with all-inclusive dining options for buffet, healthy, traditional, and other dining options. The cost of specialty restaurants, however, varies from ship to ship, table rates, and cuisine types.

If you want to order something that is not available in the usual menu or you want to have something customized, that will cost you an extra penny. The charges are reasonable and much less than going out to a fancy restaurant on land.

Final Takeaway

If you are planning a cruise tour, it is very important to look into the various food options included in your itinerary. Have different types of cuisines from all over the world at specialty restaurants, and experience the classical feel of the traditional dining room during your once-in-a-lifetime cruise excursion tours. 

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