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What is the best month to cruise New Zealand?

Want to know the best month to sail around New Zealand? Check out the listing of months to choose the most suitable one for cruising.

By Cruise Booking Team

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New Zealand has a scenic beauty which makes it a popular destination for tourists. People traveling here on a cruise need to know the best timing to get the most out of the trip. There are certain months in which you will find picture-perfect views while in others it is easy to get offers and discounts. So, depending on your requirements, decide the month you want to go cruising. Read along to find details.

What is the best month to cruise to New Zealand?

Here is a detailed overview of the timings, which will help in choosing the best month appropriate for cruising to New Zealand.

December, January, and February

In this country, people experience summer from December to February. The most appropriate time to cruise here is during these three months. This is because of the existence of pleasant temperatures with very little or no rainfall. Summer is less humid, thereby making it enjoyable for visitors to cruise this place in this lovely season.

You can comfortably stay in New Zealand in these months as the average temperature rises to a maximum of 80°F. You will find a lot of crowds near the beach resorts and around key attractions because most people visit here to spend holidays during this period.

Shops remain open till late at night, and you can even enjoy street festivals in summer. You can reserve Dream Cruises, Royal Caribbean, or any other available cruises ahead of time to avoid uncertainties in booking, as summer is the peak season for cruising to New Zealand. However, the cruise season starts in early October, so book wisely!

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March is another great month to cruise New Zealand after December, January, and February. Days remain longer, warm, and bright with a temperature ranging from 61°F to 75°F. Cruise prices may also reduce to a significant extent during this month due to the high sales rate. It is a great month to soak up rays near the lovely beaches and take part in outdoor activities.

October, November, and April

If you are planning to cruise in any of these three months, you can do so with the cheapest budget. October's weather is good for sailing at an affordable price. Though these months do not fall in the peak seasons, you will still enjoy warm weather in New Zealand.

November is also pleasant in this country, with average rainfall. There can be colder nights as well, but the temperature remains warm in the middle of the day. You can even go towards Northland to experience warmer temperatures in November.

April has sun-kissed days and cold nights and is a perfect time for enjoyment. Beaches are most welcoming during this month. So, if you are eager to travel to New Zealand, explore the dream destinations on a cruise in April. This is probably the last month where you can get great cruising deals before the arrival of the peak season.

June and August

Winter falls between June to August in New Zealand. If you are planning to visit the country during winter, you can get many offers on tour packages because of the comparatively less crowd. So, do not get disappointed in case you fail to make time in December, January, or February.

However, note that no cruising takes place in July. If you are an adventure enthusiast, June and August will be the perfect time to visit. North Island experiences excessive snowfall that is appropriate for skiing.


There is nothing called a bad month to cruise; each month gives rise to a new experience. It all depends on your priorities, whether you want to enjoy the favorable climate of the country or you want the cheapest tour with less crowd. Hence, choose accordingly and plan a tour for the month that is most appropriate for you. 

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