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Where do most cruise ships depart from?

Are you planning a lovely vacation on a cruise? Here is the list of some of the ports from where most cruise ships depart.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise ship is regarded as one of the best places to spend a holiday, and it is regarded as a means to escape from the busy schedule of life and enjoy some days of peace and quiet at sea. There are several cruise lines around the world that offer a wide range of itineraries providing an unmatchable experience. In recent years, the popularity of cruise vacations has grown, as has the number of passengers. Some of the popular cruise ship destinations are the Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean, Europe, and many more. At present, there are several ports which have special arrangements for cruise ships and with time they have continuously become busier.

Where do most cruise ships depart from?

The following is a list of some of the ports from where the majority of cruise ships depart.

1 - Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is considered as one of the busiest passenger ports in the world and was declared as the best cruise port in 2019 by Global Traveler Magazine. Also being located near Florida, which is one of the famous destinations among cruisers, makes it a major departing port for cruise ships. The port sees millions of passengers every year including several ships from cruise lines such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian. There are several cafes with outdoor seating allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful waterfront. It also offers beaches, shore excursions, and the Exploration Tower landmark.

2 - Port Everglades

Everglades is the fourth busiest and one of the most famous cruise ship ports in the world, which is home to some of the well-known cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Celebrity, Princess, and Carnival. It is widely famous among tourists on a cruise vacation with a peak season during the months of November to March. There are fully air-conditioned terminals along with a shopping center, exhibition halls, and a cafeteria. These terminals also display the work of well-known artists such as Dale Chihuly. 

3 - Port of Shanghai

Port of Shanghai in China is the 6th largest cruise ship port in the world with the capacity of handling up to 1.5 million passengers every year. Because of its location in the Baoshan District, it is also known as the Baoshan Cruise Terminal. It handles a number of huge cruise ships that arrive in Shanghai, some weighing up to 100,000 to 150,000 tonnes. The Waigaoqiao Terminal is one of the largest in the port, capable of handling up to four cruise ships carrying over 5000 passengers at the same time.

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4 - Port of Barcelona

The port of Barcelona, Spain, has seven terminals in total, and they can handle millions of passengers annually. The Mediterranean, one of the most well-known destinations for cruise ship travelers, is connected to northern Spain by way of this port. The Port Vell harbor at this port is a famous destination among tourists traveling in cruise ships. The largest aquarium in Europe is located near Barcelona's cruise port, along with clubs, pubs, and multiplex theaters. There are also several small boats called Golondrinas that provide tours of the area.

5 - Port of Miami

Miami is the most well-known cruise ship destination, known for its stunning beaches, bayside markets, and an active nightlife. Every year, millions of travelers pass through the Port of Miami, which is technically called as Dante B Fascell. This port is home to Royal Caribbean's 'Symphony of the Seas,' the world's largest cruise ship by gross tonnage. Terminal A at the port is the largest passenger terminal in the United States, handling up to 2 million people per year. It is also a prominent port of call for ships of Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines.

6 - Port of Civitavecchia

Located in Rome, the Port of Civitavecchia is the second busiest passenger port in Europe and one of the largest in the Mediterranean region. The port, which yearly receives 80 cruise ships and 2.5 million people, includes 8 cruise ship terminals. For tourists, the port also operates shuttle service between cruise terminals and the center of town. During shore excursions, tourists get a chance to see Italian architecture like the Colosseum, the fountain of Benedict, the Sistine Chapel, and Fort Michelangelo. A yellow sand beach is just a few miles from the cruise port and is ideal for relaxing and swimming.


During the voyage, cruise ships make multiple stops where travelers can explore the areas, which is an important element of a cruise holiday. During a stop at a cruise ship port, travelers can embark on shore excursions, see other sights, and enjoy several interesting spots in the port. Because ports are an important aspect of cruise holidays, many arrangements are made for tourists at the port so that they can make the most of their vacation.

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