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Are Carnival Cruises All Inclusive?

Cruises are indefinitely expensive and we all want our money’s worth. Are Carnival Cruises all-inclusive as they claim to be?

By Cruise Booking Team

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While it may appear that cruises are all-inclusive holidays, this is not always the case. While some cruise lines, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, offer all-inclusive packages, others do not. Carnival cruises are all-inclusive? We take a look at what you receive when you book a holiday with the well-known cruise line.

A Carnival Cruise has the advantage of being less expensive than other major lines. However, as a consumer, you must understand what is included in your bundle. You must understand what you are getting for your money, as well as any additional charges associated with package add-ons and admission to certain locations.

Are Carnival Cruises All Inclusive?

Unfortunately, Carnival Cruise Line offers an all-inclusive package on their ships. When you plan your vacation on one of these cruise ships, keep in mind that the ticket covers meals in the main dining room, your bedroom or stateroom, the buffet, and certain chosen free venues.

On ships like the Carnival Pride, Carnival Elation, and Carnival Freedom, you will also have access to performances, pools, onboard venues, and other facilities. Water, coffee, and several other basic drinks are also included, but alcoholic beverages and pop are not.

A breakdown of what is and is not included

What is included-

  • Live entertainment is available (comedians, musicians, and theater shows)
  • Stateroom (nightly turndown, private safe usage, and the television) (nightly turndown, private safe use, and the television)
  • Live entertainment and access to the ship's lounges
  • Pools, waterslides (except in some areas), and hot tubs
  • Fitness facility with cutting-edge workout equipment
  • Food served in the Lido Restaurant and the Main Dining Room
  • Clubs for children from 2 to 17
  • A pizza parlor (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m. daily)
  • Soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt are only available during certain hours.
  • Guy's Burger Stand
  • Certain beverages are available in the Main Dining Room when accompanied by a meal, as well as all of the time at the Lido Restaurant. Lemonade, iced tea,  coffee, and hot chocolate, non-bottled water, non-specialty teas, are among the beverages available.

What’s not covered-

  • Snacks in lounges/cafés and speciality restaurants
  • Steakhouse Fare in the Main Dining Room
  • Pizza Anywhere is a pizza delivery service.
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic bar beverages
  • Breakfast with Green Eggs and Ham from Dr. Seuss
  • 24-hour room service is offered.
  • Gift store purchases/Special Occasions/Cherry on Top Thrill Theater/IMAX
  • Spa treatments, some exercise programmes, and salon services
  • Casino gambling/bingo/Deal or No Deal
  • Games for arcades
  • Rental of Loft 19
  • Art Auction Programs at Sky Zone Trampoline Park at Sea
  • Photos of the BOLT Ultimate Sea Coaster
  • Adventures at the Carnival (shore excursions)
  • HUB app has an internet/chat option.
  • Making phone calls using a smartphone (Ship to Shore)
  • Medical costs
  • Gratuities and tips
  • Services for laundry (self-service/valet)

While it is possible to cruise without spending any money, many tourists pay extra for internet, unique dining experiences, photographs, and drink packages varying from pop or mineral water to limitless booze.

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Drink Packages

Carnival Cruise Line limits visitors to 15 drinks per day. Carnival charges a flat daily cost.
Some drink packages can be combined, however, the overall cost outside of the basic options at the Lido Restaurant as well as the Main Dining Room is as follows:

Bottomless Bubbles: With this unlimited pop package, visitors can drink as much juice as well as soda as they like from any location on board that sells beverages. The only exceptions are room service, the bar, and the interactive television.

The following items are not included in the Cheers package:

  • Beverages in souvenir glasses for sale
  • Liquor bottles Gangway drinks
  • Room service and a minibar
  • Floaters, shared drinks, beer buckets, or pitchers are all options.
  • Drinks available from a wine machine
  • Merchandise or similar stuff
  • Food

Are Flights Included?

A flight may be included in a Carnival cruise. However, they are an option accessible when visitors buy their cruise, including airport transfers. If a flight is necessary, it is best to include it in the cost or organize it yourself. If you book your flights and transfers individually, you may save money.  The ship will not wait if there are any delays. A cruise line may occasionally wait for clients who have booked flights as part of their package.


Is Carnival Cruise Lines all-inclusive? Overall, the answer is no. Guests planning a cruise have the option of purchasing additional add-ons, which are frequently cheaper online before the journey. Even though there are several venues, services, and packages available to customers, the free choices may still make for an enjoyable cruise holiday.

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