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Is there a dress code on cruise ships?

Are you taking a cruise trip soon? It will be beneficial to know about the dress codes permitted here.

By Cruise Booking Team

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First-time cruisers often feel confused about packing the right clothes, as different cruise lines might have different dress codes. The best thing to do here is to learn about the specific dress codes streamlined by your chosen cruise line. Then, you can pack your attire accordingly for different occasions and events and avoid clothes that are not permitted here.

Is there a dress code on cruise ships?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about dress codes and clothing.

Dress Codes on Cruise Ships

Usually, every cruise ship has similar dress codes, the only exceptions being certain occasions. Look for this year’s halloween cruise deals and check for the spooky dress code you might need to wear. While there is lax enforcement of the dress codes, it is challenging to assume if you can get away by bending the rules of dress codes. So here are the top cruise lines and their usual dress codes to help you out.

1. Azamara Cruises 

The basic dress code here is resort casual, which ensures light clothing. Acceptable clothing for both men and women includes sportswear, shorts, pants, golf shirts, and jackets, and some additional clothing for women includes casual dresses and skirts. However, travelers who are barefoot or wearing tank tops, bathing suits, caps, shorts, or jeans might not be allowed in restaurants and cafes.

2. Carnival Cruise Line

Here, the dress code is more casual. Men can wear sports slacks, coats, jeans, khakis, collared sports shirts, and long dress shorts. For women, these are casual pants or skirts, blouses, summer dresses, jeans, and capri pants.

There are two elegant nights, and the permitted dress code includes pantsuits, dress shirts, cocktail dresses, dress slacks, etc. Some restricted clothing items include beach flip-flops, ripped jeans, bathing suit attire, caps, and sleeveless shirts in the dining rooms.

3. Celebrity Cruises

Smart casual is the approved dress code here. Men can wear sports shirts and slacks, while women can spend time in skirts, blouses, pants, or casual dresses. The cruises have 1-3 evening chic nights. However, there is no fixed dress code for these. You cannot wear t-shirts, robes, swimsuits, caps, tank tops, or pool wear in restaurants. Further, shorts and flip-flops are also not allowed in the evening.

4. Costa Cruises

The basic dress code here is resort wear without any specific clothing items. There are 1-2 gala evenings, where the recommended dress code is cocktail dresses for women and suits for men. Restaurants recommend travelers not wear shorts or flip-flops and they must wear proper shoes. In addition, denim is allowed in dining rooms.

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5. Cunard Line

This cruise line combines elegant casual, formal, and semiformal dress codes. Formal dressing includes evening dresses for women and black ties with formal dark suits for men. On the other hand, cocktail dresses or pantsuits for women and jackets and ties for men can be semi-formal attire. Additionally, women can wear dresses, skirts, or trousers for elegant casual attire, while men need to wear jackets. Shorts and swimsuits are not permitted in the main restaurants.

6. Disney Cruise Line

These cruise ships include formal and semiformal dress codes with special dress-up and casual nights. Women can wear gowns on formal nights and pantsuits on semi-formal evenings. For men, these will be tuxedos or suits and jackets, respectively. Men can wear dress shirts for "dress-up" nights, and women can enjoy wearing dresses or pantsuits.

Furthermore, Disney organizes theme nights, like pirate or tropical themes. You can pack specific clothing based on your ship's themes. Dress code restrictions include swimwear and tank tops, as the dining rooms do not permit these. 

7. Holland America Line

This cruise line focuses on formal and smart casual evenings. Men can wear shirts and slacks on gala nights, while women can wear skirts, dresses, or slacks. However, you can avail of room services if you wish to stay in comfortable pajamas. Avoid wearing swimsuits, t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts in restaurants and public areas, as these are restricted.

8. MSC Cruises

This cruise generally permits casual resort wear as the approved dress code, except for the formal nights. Men need to wear suits or jackets with ties, and women can wear cocktail dresses on formal nights. Avoid wearing jeans, T-shirts, and shorts in public areas after 6 PM. The dining rooms also prohibit entry of travelers wearing swimsuits.

Final Word 

Therefore, as you can see, these are the top cruise lines with similar dress codes. You can pack these clothes for your cruise vacation and always consider some extra items for safety. Avoiding restricted clothing will help you enjoy the holiday even more.

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