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What are some nightlife activities offered on a cruise?

Love cruising, music, and nightlife? Bands, string quartets, and pianists perform in most of the lounges and bars of cruises.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Usually, the monotony of a voyage picks up pace at nightfall. However, most cruises have your back offering you amazing nightlife on board. Nightlife amidst cruises includes live concerts, karaoke, dancing, fun, and laughter at entertainment lounges and venues, all without cover charges.

What are some nightlife activities offered on a cruise?

Make your nightlife happening on board cruises by indulging in the following activities:

1. Fine Dining

Dining at dusk includes gourmet meals, and you can spend some leisurely time exchanging a word or two with your table companions. Cruises even offer you options for informal dining, extending a buffet meal, and even order-in-room service. Furthermore, you can enjoy gourmet events such as late-night chocolate buffets and midnight buffets.

If you have plans to dine in a specialty restaurant, you need to make reservations for it before you board.

2. Watch production shows

These shows take place on most cruise ships and include at least one headline or production show every night. Multiple cruise lines consist of their own theatre companies that showcase themed songs and dance shows. Many other cruise lines have in-store, popular Las Vegas and Broadway shows. These include shows such as “Mamma Mia” and “Rock of Ages”.

Singers, magicians, and comedians perform specialty acts which supplement the shows discussed previously.

3. Participate in karaoke and enjoy live music

Multiple bands, string quartets, and pianists perform in most of the lounges and bars of most cruises. You may even find an opportunity to show off your singing skills, as most of these cruises may host karaoke. These activities generally take place in bars or piano bars during nightfall.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise is home to a Music Hall where each evening adds a different headliner. Dance along to some of the best cover bands’ fine performances.

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4. Themed night parties, night clubs, and dancing

Night parties following themes are win-win situations for party-goers who love to dance and have fun-filled nights. Nightclubs on cruises abound in differently-themed ambiences and music being played of different genres by well-known DJs.

On the other hand, cruises host formal ballroom dancing in lounges nonetheless.

5. Watch movies

You can enjoy movies old and new in your own cabin, in a cinema/theatre, or under the sky on an open-air, upward screen on an open deck. Enjoy a movie night with your loved ones under the sky with flavourful popcorn, which mostly comes for free on most cruises.

6. Relax by the pool and experience whirlpools

If you enjoy late-night swims when the weather is warm and dry, you may go for a dip in the calming water of the pools onboard. If your ship houses a Solarium, the better it is for you.

Take away

Cruises even house gaming facilities which include ice rinks and bowling. These even comprise casinos where you can try your luck if you wish. You can play tables or slot machines in these facilities.

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