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Why choose Holland America cruises?

Holland America is a cruise line offering premium ships, exquisite services, and world-class tours. Find here the perks of traveling with Holland America.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Is Alaska on your bucket list of places to visit? Alaska is one of the best destinations for souls planning to take a break from city life.

You can make your journey across Alaska more thrilling by traveling on a cruise. Holland America Line cruises are popular among the many cruise liners here. This 150-year-old cruise line company provides its services across all continents.

Keep reading below for the perks of traveling on Holland America cruises for a memorable journey.

Top Reasons to Travel via Holland America Cruises

Holland America Line offers premium cruises with exceptional onboard experiences to tourists. You would embrace the following reasons by choosing Holland America for your next voyage.

1. Amazing Glacier Views

Holland America cruises sail up through the icy waters of Glacier Bay and pulls up near one of its magnificent glaciers. Following this, the ship takes a 360-degree turn for all passengers to witness the mighty glacier up close.

Holland America ships have followed this ritual since the firm’s inception, and thus, their cruise trips to Glacier Bay have always been popular. The sight of mighty glaciers with a curtain of white snow-clad mountains is an epic sight to behold. While you sail through the waves, you will encounter otters, whales, and seals passing by your cruise liner.

These sceneries will make your 153-day tour via Holland America cruise liners much more memorable.

2. Ship Sizes

Holland America cruise ships are exceptionally engineered mid-sized ships that can hold more than 2700 people. The cabins here are not too big or small or congested. These are of an accurate size to accommodate the guests and offer a cozy stay.

Furthermore, Holland America offers more port options than other cruise liners. It is also easy to find your way around their ships. Their cruises also offer numerous onboard activities like live musical programs and many more.

3. Food and Wine

With world-class boarding facilities and rooms, one can enjoy an extravagant dining experience on Holland America cruises. The meal options here are led and managed by world-class celebrity chefs whose magic will bring life to your taste buds.

On the Holland America cruise, you can satisfy your cravings with a menu that includes Pan-Asian dishes, classics, Alaska seafood, and much more.

Furthermore, do not forget to enjoy world-class wines and cocktails made by master mixologists.

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4. More Itineraries for Glacier Bay

Holland America Line is among the few cruise liners that will take you deep into Glacier Bay for a memorable trip. Unlike other ships, Holland America's itinerary offers you to witness the serene beauty of Glacier Bay National Park.

You will sail past dramatic snow-clad majestic mountains, huge clouds covering mountain tips, icebergs, and icy waters to reach your destination. The ship will pull up near Margerie Glacier, which is one mile wide.

If the day is clear and you are lucky, you will witness ice calving. As you cruise into the bay, you may get a chance to see a fluke of Humpback whales emerging from the waves or a lonely bear wandering on the shore.

5. Luxurious Stay at Affordable Prices

If you cannot afford large luxury ships like Viking or Seabourn, Holland America is the alternative that will suit your budget. You can enjoy high-end luxury with Holland America cruises at an affordable rate.

You will receive Egyptian cotton towels, sleep on luxurious beds, and get soft and comfortable bathrobes. Even cabins of the lowest category are eligible for complimentary room service. Like all cruises, you can carry your wine onboard or enjoy the wide range of beverages and alcohol the cruise offers.

Key Takeaways

Holland America Cruises is perfect for your Alaskan adventure, with various itineraries that offer endless activities. Additionally, the food and hospitality on this cruise will make your vacation memorable.

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