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canals in Amsterdam
canals in Amsterdam

What is the best time of year to cruise Northern Europe?

Northern Europe offers many beautiful sights of nature while the cities are a haven for history lovers. Know the best time to cruise Northern Europe.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Planning to take a break from boring city life and rejuvenate your soul with a unique experience? Consider cruising to Northern Europe to discover a blend of history and natural beauty.

What Is the Best Time to Cruise Northern Europe & the Best Places to Visit?

This blog will take you through the best time to Cruise Northern Europe and the list of best places to visit for a mesmerizing vacation.

Best time to cruise Northern Europe

Northern Europe hosts various cities that offer a variation of scenic and architectural beauty to tourists. The months of May to September are considered the best time to cruise in Northern Europe. You can experience a summertime climate here.

You are bound to find lush greenery and ripe fruits. The days are warm and long. However, the weather is quite pleasant to tread and explore the city. As you ascend north, you will notice a slight temperature change as a cool breeze brushes your skin.

Several Top cruise lines online offer high-value packages for Northern Europe in the summer.

Cities to visit during a Northern Europe Cruise

If you have decided to cruise Northern Europe, here are some cities to add to your bucket list of exploration.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, must be on your list if you are planning to cruise in the seas of Northern Europe. Here, you’ll find a beautiful harmony between ancient European history and modernity.

Amsterdam Cruise is a paradise for history and literature lovers with its traditional windmills and interesting museums like Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Ann Frank House.

Food lovers can take a break at roadside eateries and cafes to try local cuisine and craft beers in Amsterdam. One can also learn about the local cheese industry and taste different types of cheese during their stay. A city walk along one of the 150 canals in Amsterdam is an unforgettable experience.

2. Bergen, Norway

Summer is a pleasant season to visit the city of Bergen in Norway. The temperature here ranges from 54°F to 64°F, making the summer months the best time to cruise in Northern Europe and visit Bergen.

However, it is important to know that frequent precipitation occurs in this city during this period. Therefore keep your umbrellas and raincoats handy while you stay in this city.

When in Bergen, check out the fjords. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the unspoiled tourist attractions of the world. If you are an art enthusiast, consider exploring the art museums in Bergen with paintings of renowned artists. 

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3. Copenhagen, Denmark

The summer months are ideal for visiting Copenhagen due to the long days and warm nights. The city has a reputation for being a foodie's heaven. Danish fruits and vegetables are harvested during summer, and restaurants around the city compete by offering lip-smacking cuisines to tourists.

You can also take a guided city walk and visit majestic Scandinavian castles that shelter the Danish royalty. You can also visit botanical gardens and museums and learn about Danish culture.

4. London, United Kingdom

London is a lavishing city for tourists in summer. During this time, the temperature varies between 36°F and 45°F. Owing to this, London deserves to be on your list of stops for a Northern Europe cruise. The days are long and sunny with occasional thunderstorms.

Take a double-decker bus tour and visit the famous locations of London. You can also stand on the Prime Meridian latitude and click a picture to add to your memories. Opt for a cruising experience in the River Thames and try kayaking at Camden Lock.

If the Wizarding World fascinates you, do not forget to visit the Kings Cross Station and shop for souvenirs from the official Harry Potter Store.

Before you go on a cruise

Northern Europe is where history and architecture make a union with nature. If you are looking for a memorable honeymoon or a solo trip, the best time to cruise Northern Europe is the summer months from May to September. Pleasant long summer days and vibrantly colored skies offer a panoramic view for mind-blowing pictures with ancient castles and colorful houses in the background.

For more details, you can check out the official website of

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