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What kind of shows are on a Carnival cruise?

Carnival cruises offer some of the best shows on board, making cruising more entertaining and memorable. See what shows a Carnival cruise has to offer.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Carnival cruises are a package of luxury, entertainment, and memorable traveling. With over 20 ships under its fleet, the Carnival Cruise Line is a global leader in the cruise industry, leading innovative and sustainable cruising. The cruise line offers an extraordinary cruising experience to its guests, with comfortable accommodations, services, and amenities. The cruise line offers exclusive shows as a part of its entertainment options. These shows include Broadway musicals, live singing, stand-up comedy, movies on the big screen, and many more. 

What Shows can I find on a Carnival Cruise?

If you want to make your voyage more memorable and entertaining, you must avail yourself of these shows. Following are some of the best shows offered on Carnival Cruises

1. Playlist Production:

This includes stage shows featuring productions by trained musicians and dancers. The shows are included in the cruise fare. Some of the onboard musical performances offered by the Playlist Production are Amor Cubano, Vintage Pop, America Rocks, Epic Rock, and 88 Keys. These shows vary according to the ship. As a result, you can catch different performances on different cruises. 

2. The Punchliner Comedy Club: 

If you want to wedge some humorous punchlines into your voyage, you must attend the shows at the Punchliner Comedy Club. You can find family-friendly shows and even adult-only shows on the cruise. You can choose one according to your preference. There’s no reservation requirement since the shows are included in the fare. You can also have beverages served during the show, which include refreshing cocktails, martinis, and shooters. 

3. Dive-in movies:

Watching movies from your car seat is fun, but have you thought of watching movies on your ship deck? Dive-in movies provide just the right environment while featuring a screening of blockbuster films and sporting events. The movies are free for all and do not need reservations. Just grab a comfortable spot and enjoy your evening with your family and friends. 

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4. Thrill Theater:

As the name suggests, at Thrill Theater, you’d have a thrilling experience while watching motion pictures at this 4D theater. The shows usually start with 3D videos that further move to a more immersive cinematic experience. These shows come with an additional fee. The cruises schedule various shows in the theater, ranging from Sci-fi movies, action adventures, and even documentaries. You can find this amenity on Carnival Vista, Carnival Breeze, and Carnival Horizon

5. Live Music:

Live music shows are one of the best shows offered by Carnival Cruises. You can find an artist performing on board almost every evening. The Carnival LIVE Concert Series is an ultimate experience that involves live performances by renowned music artists on board. The show price is included in your cruise fare, making it all the more a golden opportunity to listen to your favorite singers.


Carnival cruise line strives to provide its guests with unforgettable memories and cruising experiences. You can find ample shows to fill your entertainment bucket on the ship. These shows are either included in the cruise fare or come with an additional cost. Different cruise ships offer different sets of shows on board. But no matter which ship you choose, you will surely be entertained.

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