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What Are the Perks of Cruising During Fall?

Fall is a perfect season for couples and solo travelers to go on a cruise. Know the benefits of cruising during the fall and the places to visit.

By Cruise Booking Team

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As the summer bids farewell, the peak season for traveling is over, and fall ensues. Many tourists wait to plan their trips during fall as it is a shoulder season. If you are wondering if fall is a good time to cruise around the globe, we have the answer.

This blog details the perks of cruising during fall and must-visit cruise destinations for a memorable voyage.

Benefits of Going on a Cruise During Fall

Opting for a cruise voyage during the fall season is a whole new experience different from regular peak-season summer cruises. Following are the benefits of going on a cruise during the months of September to October:

1. Fewer and Smaller Crowds

As summers are the peak season for cruising, travelers must deal with huge crowds and high prices. However, as summer ends, this crowd disperses. Schools reopen, and people return to work during the fall. Consequently, the best Fall cruise deals with solitude and privacy at affordable prices and an enjoyable experience.

2. Lower Rates

As summer months go by, fall brings the off-season for cruise voyages. Consequently, the cruise package prices also drop. Furthermore, during this season, all forms of hospitality are offered to tourists at very low rates. Hotels charge lower stay fees, and restaurants and bars lower their prices.

By pre-booking your trips and cruising during the fall, you can choose top-rated cabins and hotel rooms and use off-season packages.

3. New Crowds

Unlike summer cruises, where travelers are mostly families enjoying summer vacation, fall cruises exude a different crowd. These cruises are best for couples enjoying their honeymoon, parents taking a break for themselves, and solo travelers.

Therefore, you can unleash your party animal free or plan a perfect date with your partner while cruising during fall and make new friends. You can book your favorite fall cruise package from online portals like and enjoy a memorable voyage.

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4. Panoramic View of Fall Foliage

While sailing on a Fall Cruise, you shall sail through the Atlantic coasts of England and Canada. Here you shall witness the color of Fall painted through the shores as Fall foliage. Sailings past the orange and yellow trees are a sight to behold. While voyaging here, you can feel the winter coming with a cool breeze brushing past your skin.

5. Perfect Time to Cruise to Australia and New Zealand

Setting sail on a fall cruise is a perfect time to visit cruises to Australia and cruises to New-Zealand. Countries in the southern hemisphere experience early summer or spring during fall or autumn in the northern hemisphere. Consequently, one can witness a pleasant season and enjoy an exotic vacation in southern countries as winter sets in the north.

6. Fall Festivities at Sea

Fall paints pictures of a colorful landscape and festivities. You can indulge in fall festivities uniquely by cruising carnival during the fall. So, celebrate Thanksgiving Cruise, Halloween cruise, Christmas, and New Year with your loved ones on a fall cruise.

Best Cruise Destinations for Fall

If you think that fall is a good time to cruise, here is a list of the best places to cruise in October.

  • Mexico
  • England
  • Canada
  • Halifax
  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean
  • Along European rivers like Danube, Seine, and Rhine

Key Takeaway

Fall is a good time to cruise if you are not waiting for your kid's vacation or you are planning a tranquil and private honeymoon cruise. As an off-season, you can get better deals and less crowded ships that will let you enjoy your trip.

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