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September 26, 2024
Starting from $48.50*/night ($194.00*)
September 30, 2024
Starting from $44.75*/night ($179.00*)
October 05, 2024
Starting from $66.80*/night ($334.00*)
October 07, 2024
Starting from $62.25*/night ($249.00*)
October 07, 2024
Starting from $48.50*/night ($194.00*)
October 10, 2024
Starting from $56.00*/night ($224.00*)
October 22, 2024
Starting from $49.75*/night ($199.00*)
October 28, 2024
Starting from $47.25*/night ($189.00*)
November 04, 2024
Starting from $54.75*/night ($219.00*)
November 11, 2024
Starting from $48.50*/night ($194.00*)
November 21, 2024
Starting from $46.00*/night ($184.00*)

Get ready to Sail on Fall Foliage Cruises in 2024. It could be a perfect adventure! The world awaits you with a kaleidoscope of experiences to match your every desire. Every Cruiser dream will come true this fall season.

Extend your summer in the Mediterranean's warm embrace or journey beneath the crystal-clear autumn skies to unveil the ancient wonders of Egypt and Israel. Longing for romance and scenery that takes your breath away? Cruise the eastern coast of Canada or New England, where vibrant fall foliage paints the cities and countryside. Savor fresh seafood, explore beautiful towns, or embark on an adventure in a superb national park.

Perhaps you yearn for bright sunshine and tropical bliss? The Caribbean beckons with its lush rainforests and postcard-perfect beaches. With a fall cruise, the journey itself becomes an extension of your dream vacation.

Fall Cruise Deals 2024
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Plan Your Fall Cruise by Month

Experience the best Fall cruises with our amazing Fall deals! Our amazing packages offer you an unforgettable cruise experience. See the beautiful Fall foliage and enjoy our cruises' many activities and amenities. Book now and get ready for the best Fall cruise of your life! 

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Unforgettable Fall Foliage Cruises Destinations

New York City

Experience the vibrant colors of fall in NYC. Take a leisurely boat cruise around Manhattan past the iconic skyline, admire the fall foliage in Central Park, sip a hot drink while taking in the views from the Empire State Building, and explore the many outdoor markets and festivals throughout the city. Book a Fall Cruise from New York.


Experience the best place to cruise in October - the Caribbean! Fall is the perfect time to escape to a tropical paradise of the Caribbean in October. Sail around the Caribbean and explore the many islands and cultures each has to offer. Relax on pristine beaches, snorkel through vibrant coral reefs, and explore tropical jungles and mountains.


Cruises to Israel and Egypt in the fall are a wonderful way to explore these historic lands. During this time of year, the weather is usually pleasant, with comfy temperatures and clear skies. Travelers can explore well-known iconic sites such as the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the vibrant markets of Jerusalem, and the beautiful beaches.


Enjoy a relaxed fall cruise in the Mediterranean. Explore the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Rome, and Athens, stroll along the cobblestone streets of Venice, and sail around the Greek Islands. Book a Fall Cruise from Mediterranean

New England

Take a Fall cruise along the East Coast and explore the colorful foliage and quaint towns of New England. Enjoy the picturesque views of the coastline and explore the rich history and culture of each port.


While the traditional Alaska cruise season concludes in September in the fall season, fall presents a unique opportunity for Alaskan exploration. Some cruises offer a chance to experience Alaska's breathtaking beauty in a new light.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fall Cruises Deals

Cruising in November tends to be most popular in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the Canary Islands.

Cruise lines offering October cruises include Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, P&O Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. A popular October cruise option is the transatlantic cruise from the UK to the USA, as ship repositioning is underway for the winter months.

The best November cruises for families are Caribbean cruises, Mexican Riviera Cruises, Bahamas Cruises, Mediterranean Cruises, and Panama Canal.

October can be an ideal time for couples to take a cruise, as it often offers cooler weather, fewer crowds, and a more intimate atmosphere. Here are some of the best October cruises for couples: New England and Canada, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Transatlantic.

You can check out our monthly cruise deals page for September cruises with special deals or discounts.

When sailing on a Royal Caribbean fall foliage cruise, many shore excursions are available to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery. Some popular excursions include hiking, and nature walks, apple-picking and farm tours, city tours, wine tasting, culinary tours, and adventure tours.

One of the highlights of cruising in the Caribbean in October is the opportunity to witness the annual migration of humpback whales.

Some of the best Fall cruises from New York City are Canada/New England, Bermuda, the , and the Caribbean.

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