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Thanksgiving Cruise Deals for 2024

SAILINGS FOR Thanksgiving - 2024 Special Offers & Savings

November 11, 2024
Starting from $57.25*/night ($229.00*)
November 15, 2024
Starting from $69.67*/night ($209.00*)
November 18, 2024
Starting from $53.50*/night ($214.00*)
November 20, 2024
Starting from $210.31*/night ($841.24*)
November 21, 2024
Starting from $59.67*/night ($179.00*)
November 23, 2024
Starting from $394.00*/night ($1,576.00*)
November 25, 2024
Starting from $84.75*/night ($339.00*)
November 27, 2024
Starting from $39.75*/night ($159.00*)
November 28, 2024
Starting from $103.50*/night ($414.00*)

Thanksgiving Cruises and Thanksgiving Cruise Deals

Set sail and celebrate Thanksgiving in style with our exclusive Thanksgiving Cruise Deals for 2024. Whether you dream of a tropical getaway or a European adventure, we have the perfect cruise. Enjoy a luxurious cruise experience while indulging in a delectable Thanksgiving feast prepared by our talented onboard chefs. With a wide range of destinations and itineraries, you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones while exploring breathtaking destinations. Book your Thanksgiving cruise today and embark on a holiday getaway.

Thanksgiving Cruise Deals for 2024
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Our Selection of Thanksgiving Cruises

Turkey dinner and an ocean breeze await! Sail away on the best cruises during Thanksgiving and feast your way through unforgettable destinations. Don't miss the boat on this gobble-licious adventure. Book now and give thanks for the ultimate holiday getaway!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line invites you to set sail on a voyage filled with excitement and adventure. From Caribbean beach escapes to breathtaking Alaskan wonders, their Thanksgiving deal offers an array of itineraries to suit every traveler's taste. Enjoy world-class dining, thrilling onboard activities, and stunning destinations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line, known for its fun and lively atmosphere, invites you to a Thanksgiving celebration like no other. Sail away to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or explore the Mexican Riviera while enjoying endless entertainment options, delectable dining choices, and family-friendly activities. With their Thanksgiving deal, you'll have many reasons to be thankful.

Celebrity Cruise Line

For those seeking a touch of luxury, Celebrity Cruise Line offers a Thanksgiving experience of elegance and refinement. Journey to captivating destinations like the Mediterranean or the Galapagos Islands while indulging in gourmet cuisine, top-notch entertainment, and unparalleled service. With their Thanksgiving deal, create cherished moments in style and sophistication.

Disney Cruise Line

Experience the magic of Thanksgiving with Disney Cruise Line, where enchantment and family fun go hand in hand. Sail away to tropical paradises or explore the wonders of Europe while immersing yourself in the beloved Disney characters and entertainment. With their Thanksgiving deal, enjoy themed celebrations, engaging activities for all ages, and a sprinkle of Disney magic.

Princess Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Line invites you to savor a Thanksgiving feast at sea, accompanied by breathtaking vistas and exceptional service. Whether you cruise through the dazzling glaciers of Alaska or relax in the warm embrace of the Caribbean, their Thanksgiving deal offers a delightful blend of relaxation and exploration with enriching activities and world-class entertainment.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line invites you to experience Freestyle Cruising this Thanksgiving. With their innovative ships and diverse itineraries, you can explore the sun-soaked beaches of bahamas or marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean. Indulge in a wide range of dining options, exhilarating activities, and thrilling entertainment, all included in their Thanksgiving deal.

What To Expect on a Thanksgiving Cruise?

On a Thanksgiving cruise, you can expect a delightful blend of traditional holiday festivities and the unique experiences offered by a cruise vacation. Here's what you can typically expect:

  • Festive Decorations: The ship will be adorned with Thanksgiving-themed decorations, creating a warm and festive ambiance.
  • Traditional Thanksgiving Feast: Enjoy a mouthwatering Thanksgiving feast featuring all the classic dishes you love, including roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Many cruise lines go above and beyond to provide a delectable dining experience for guests.
  • Special Events and Activities: Cruise lines organize various Thanksgiving-themed events and activities to entertain guests. This may include live music, performances, holiday-themed shows, cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, and family-friendly activities.
  • Entertainment and Nightlife: Cruise ships offer a range of entertainment options, from Broadway-style shows to live music performances and themed parties. You can dance the night away, enjoy live entertainment, or catch a movie under the stars.
  • Exciting Ports of Call: Depending on the itinerary, your Thanksgiving cruise may include stops at fascinating ports of call. Explore beautiful destinations, participate in shore excursions, and immerse yourself in local culture and activities.
  • Quality Family Time: Thanksgiving cruises offer a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. With a wide range of activities for all ages, there's something for everyone to enjoy and create lasting memories together.

It's important to note that specific offerings may vary depending on the cruise line, ship, and itinerary. Always check with our travel agent for the details and any special events or activities planned for cruises during Thanksgiving.

FAQs Related to Thanksgiving Cruise Ship

Yes, gives you discounts for booking a last-minute cruise, however holiday sailings such as Thanksgiving cruises sell out early.

You can sign up for our newsletters and cruise alerts to find cheap Thanksgiving cruise options. Or you can also look for last-minute deals or early booking promotions on our site.

A Thanksgiving River cruise offers a unique and intimate way to celebrate the holiday while immersing yourself in the beauty and charm of riverside destinations. Here are some specific highlights and attractions you may encounter on a Thanksgiving River cruise: Festive Atmosphere, Cultural Excursions, Scenic River Views, Culinary Delights, Wine Tasting, Holiday Markets, and Relaxation and Entertainment.

The main difference between a regular cruise and a Thanksgiving cruise lies in the theme and activities offered during the Thanksgiving holiday period.

Some popular destinations for 2024 Thanksgiving Cruises are European River, Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, and Bahamas.

Booking a Thanksgiving cruise as early as possible is generally recommended to secure your preferred cabin category, itinerary, and any special promotions. Booking well in advance ensures you have a wide selection of options to choose from.

The duration of a typical Thanksgiving cruise can vary depending on the cruise line, itinerary, and destination. Some common durations for Thanksgiving cruises are 3-5 nights, 7 nights, and 10-14 nights.

It depends on the cruise line and your chosen destination. However, some cruise lines do offer shore excursions related to Thanksgiving.

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