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Australia is the smallest continent and largest country surrounded by Pacific and Indian oceans in the southern hemisphere. This incredibly diverse island, mainland, and country is both culturally and geographically speaking. The magnificent waterways and beachfront offer different cafes, local markets, natural beauty, bustling neighborhoods, contemporary art, and gothic history. Also, don’t forget to dive into famous reefs, and see incredible wildlife in the various parks. Cruisers can indulge in some mouth-watering food made with native ingredients.

10 best isolated beaches in Australia

Book Cruise to Australia You might not know that Australia is a place with over 10,000 beaches. The coastal line of Australia stretches over 50,000 kilometers. So, if you prefer to visit a beach...

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Best Things to do in Adelaide

Book Cruises from Adelaide Explore the top attraction and activities by discovering Adelaide's rich culture and history and some natural beauty and conservation parks. We’ve pulled...

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5 Amazing Places to Visit in Australia On a Cruise

Book Australia Cruises There are some travel destinations in the land down under that are often mentioned and ought to be on every bloke’s bucket list. So, travelers who love to take a...

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The 5 Best Beaches in Sydney

Book Cruise to Sydney The best beaches in Sydney offer the best of everything you hope to enjoy in Australia. Although the city has over a dozen beaches that attract visitors from various parts of...

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Best Things to Do in Perth, Australia

Book Cruises Now Perth welcomes you with open arms to the soft sand beaches of Western Australia. The scenic beauty of Perth blends perfectly with the vibrance of the surrounding water. You can...

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Top Things to Do in Newcastle, New South Wales

Book A Cruise Now Situated on the east coast of New South Wales, Newcastle offers you a plethora of magnificent golden sand beaches. Bordered by quaint cafes and bars, these beaches in Newcastle...

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Top Things to do in Cairns, Australia

Book Cruise to Cairns Cairns is the home to the Great Barrier Reef, an iconic site to visit in Northern Australia. Apart from the Great Barrier Reef, you can spend your days in Cairns at the World...

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Top things to do in Geraldton, Australia

Book Cruise to Australia Geraldton, located on Australia's west coast, is a significant seaport. The city also serves as the starting point for the Houtman Abrolhos, an archipelago acclaimed...

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Top 5 things to do in Gold Coast, Australia

Book Cruises Now The Gold Coast lives up to its name as the glittering sand reminds one of gold dust. The narrow strips of the coastal area and the skyscrapers set against the azure sky make the...

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