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Australia Cruises Departure Ports

Australia Ports

Take a Cruise to Australia. On the way, above the warm Pacific waters, experience the diverse landscapes through the various Australian ports, diverse cultures of Aborigines, and captivating coastal cities of Australia. Cruising offers a unique perspective of Australia, combining comfort, luxury, and exploration. This guide will help you navigate the departure ports and major cruise ports in Australia, ensuring you make the most of your Australian cruise adventure.


Choosing the right departure port is essential for your Australian cruise. Each port provides unique perspectives from which you depart from a different cultural experience, enhancing your journey as you head towards the Australian region. Here's a breakdown of our main departure ports for Australian cruises:


Known for its stunning harbor and vibrant cultural scene, Auckland is a great starting point for cruisers looking to explore both Australia. There are so many activities like Kayaking to Rangitoto Island, sky jumping off the Sky Tower or a serene Great Barrier Island where you can go stargazing on a crystal-clear night sky.

Bali Denpasar (Benoa)

Bali is an incredible place to kick-start your cruise to Australia. With so many water sport activities like Jet Skiing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving etc., you'll be so busy with them, not to speak of the amazing local shrines and other cultural places to partake in spiritual retreat and purification.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is synonymous with Bruce Lee. That is all it takes to evince interest from cruise enthusiasts. There are many places you can go on an adventure near the city, such as the cable car ride to Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Peak, a hiking and camping tour at Sai Kung, a canyoning tour at Ping Nam Stream, and many more. Along with adventure comes relaxation in places such as Kowloon Park, Madame Tussauds Museum of Hong Kong, an Evening at Victoria Harbour, and more. Just go ahead and discover them.


Singapore is a self-made city, where independence is valued. And the people, well, they are busy as hell. But not you, who can visit Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, St. Andrew's Cathedral etc. Ample places for relaxation and walking into exist in Singapore such as East Coast Road, Singapore Art Museum & Merlion Park. 


Tokyo has a habit of marketing itself as a merger between tradition and modernity, and we get confirmation of this when we arrive at Senso-ji temple, where Yoyogi Park's serenity replaces the urban hustle and bustle of the Shibuya Crossing. Tokyo offers a unique start to a journey that spans from Japan to Australia. It is a place from where you can plan your long journey ahead and, in the meantime, enjoy its cultural outlook on life and meaning.

Major Cruise Ports in Australia

Australia boasts several key cruise ports, each serving as a gateway to explore the continent and beyond. From the northern shores of desert Australia to the wetter and calmer places near the southern pole, Australia has much to offer:


Known for its festivals and food culture, Adelaide is a vibrant place, full of many places like Morialta Conservation Park, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Central Market, and many more like Adelaide Zoo, not to forget Victoria Square.


A sunny, energetic city known for its outdoor lifestyle, Brisbane is a popular destination for cruise travelers looking for relaxation in Streets Beach, the sights of the city from Wheel of Brisbane, spiritual peace at Nepalese Peace Pagoda, the history of the city at Museum of Brisbane and an evening sunset at The Brisbane River. More than this, there are so many cultural things to check out at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, wildlife at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, scenic sights at Story Bridge, and many more.


Melbourne is famous for its arts and coffee culture, and it provides a culturally rich experience with places like Flinders Street Railway station, Queen Victoria Market, National Gallery of Victoria, Royal Botanical Gardens, etc. There are also other great places to visit, such as Federation Square, Eureka Tower Melbourne, Melbourne Zoo, St Kilda Beach, Luna Park etc. For sports enthusiasts, there's the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and for history buffs, the Melbourne Museum and many more.

Perth (Fremantle)

Gateways to Western Australia, Fremantle's best restaurants should be on your list, such as Peggy's or Freo's best breakfasts at Duck Duck Bruce. Clancy's Fish Pub and Mojos is considered a great place to have a good night out. You can, of course, chuck other routines and get to know the native culture at Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Later, you can stroll through the gallery at Fremantle Arts Centre.


The gateway to New South Wales, Sydney, offers many spots and places for cruise travelers to explore. Top dining experiences await at Bennelong (within the iconic Opera House). Or indulge in Sydney's best breakfasts at The Grounds of Alexandria. No wonder The Opera Bar and Ivy are renowned for attracting locals as well as tourists looking for a good time. Explore the local history and culture at the Australian Museum or take a leisurely stroll and enjoy contemporary art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Whatever you do, make it last.

Things to Know Before Planning Your Australian Cruise

Before boarding your cruise to Australia, consider several important aspects to enhance your trip. These include price, duration, and location where you'll be taken for a ride:

1) How much does it cost to catch an Australian Cruise?

Cruise prices depend on season, duration of the cruise, cruise line, amenities offered, etc. To find out how much it costs in detail, we encourage you to read our article on it here.

2) How long does a typical Australian Cruise last for?

Cruise from Australian ports can range from shorter trips to comprehensive tours, allowing for extensive exploration, depending on where you depart from. If it is Singapore, it'll be a shorter trip (around 10-15 days). If it was from Tokyo, it'd be longer (around 20-30 days). Many cruise itineraries have multiple stopovers at famous ports of call, making the trip longer than expected. 

3) What places can I see during an Australian Cruise?

Obviously, as you have read above, we have listed many ports and places to visit in Australia. But of course, the other means to enjoy Australia is by booking for shore excursions with the cruise line company whose ship you are traveling on.

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