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Cruise Lines to Australia

Australia Cruise Lines

A magnificent cruise to Australia is the perfect way to discover the land down under. Adventure-seekers have been drawn to Australia for decades because it offers exotic wildlife, untouched nature, and urban hubs. Taking a repositioning cruise to New Zealand, Tasmania, or southeast Asia will allow you to sail along the coast or visit New Zealand, Tasmania, or southeast Asia together. Whether you stay on the mainland or explore the many islands off Australia's coast, there are plenty of things to do. Nature lovers will be satisfied with what Australia has to offer.

A fascinating shore excursion provides up-close encounters with koalas and kangaroos and an opportunity to see them in their natural habitat. Those who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and surfing along luscious, sandy beaches won't want to miss diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Fjordland National Park in New Zealand boasts stunning natural scenery, while Sydney Opera House is a man-made wonder.

There are deserts, mountain ranges and rainforests in Australia, which is located between the Indian and South Pacific Oceans, along with that beloved animal known as the Koala bear. Besides its wilderness, Australia is home to a thriving urban culture, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Known for its natural beauty (did we mention the Great Barrier Reef), adventure sports, and excellent wine, New Zealand is an ideal destination for all types of travelers.

Which cruise lines go to Australia?

Australian cruises are also available on best australian cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, and Seabourn. P&O Cruises is the most popular cruise line among Aussies. The rest of the year in Australia is much colder, so many of the same lines only stop there in summer. The Lindblad and Coral Expeditions cruise lines visit some smaller ports throughout New Zealand.

List of Best Cruise Lines for Australia

While home to many of us, the Australian coastline continues to grow as a cruise destination each year thanks to the opening of new regional ports. A number of ports are now home ports for cruise ships, including Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Cruises from home are available on almost every major cruise line, so the choice is yours. Cruising from home is easy whether you prefer small, expedition-style ships or large fun ships for a relaxing break.

1. Cunard Cruise Line

The landscapes and wildlife of Down Under can make any adventure unforgettable. The country's friendly cities and rich aboriginal and Maori cultures will also be on display for you to discover. Landscapes in Australia are dramatic, wildlife is abundant, and cities are bustling. On Australia's Kangaroo Island, you will find kangaroos, seals, sea lions, koalas, wallabies, koalas, and goannas, which can grow up to a meter long. A great wine region can be easily reached from Busselton: Margaret River is just a short drive away, and the local caves are a must-see. The east coast of Australia would only be complete with a stop in Sydney. A diving experience can be found at the Great Barrier Reef, which offers a sight unlike any other.

2. Princess Cruise Line

On board a Princess cruises to australia, you'll see epic landscapes, vibrant cultures, and laid-back charm. Let them take you to world-class cities, rugged outbacks, and golden beaches. Enjoy the best of Australia on board as we bring you the best of Across the Ditch. Australia cruises with Princess® offer a joy of discovery. Discover Australia and New Zealand's sights, sounds, and flavors. Experience authentic Kiwi cuisine, sample fine wines, and sipping fine spirits.

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3. Celebrity Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruises offers guests a chance to connect with people, places, and themselves beyond the traditional luxury style. Guests cruising closer to home will experience a new luxurious experience thanks to Celebrity's Australia and New Zealand itineraries curated into three themes: Sun and Beach Escapes, Food and Wine Classics, and Five-Star Getaways. Those living in the Northern Hemisphere can escape the winter blues with its two opposite seasons. The region offers newness, tradition, and supreme scenery-from Sydney's Opera House to the soaring mountains of New Zealand. With Celebrity Eclipse, you can choose from various cruise itineraries, including trips around Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, and the South Pacific. You can choose between Sydney and Auckland as your home ports, both gorgeous coastal cities with plenty to see and do.

4. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

There is something for everyone in Australia, whether you're looking for the city or the country, the beach or the bush. Despite their laidback, friendly nature and slang language, locals here are dry-witted and friendly. Discover the unique architecture of the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach's turquoise waters in cosmopolitan Sydney. The Whitsunday Islands are on an Australian cruise to Australia, where you can snorkel to see the world's largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The red dome of Ayers Rock can be found in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which is perfect for those seeking an authentic Australian experience.

5. Silversea Cruise Line

There is no denying that Australia is a region of extremes. Thundering waterfalls and silent fjords. A sand beach and a wide variety of wildlife. With some of the youngest cities in the world, this is one of the oldest indigenous lands. Silversea offers comprehensive coverage of the entire region with its small, ultra-luxurious cruise ships. All-inclusive fleets sail to almost 100 destinations in Australia and New Zealand. They can be berthed adjacent to the Sydney Opera House or in the salty waters of Kimberley. Whether you want a leisurely exploration or a deep dive into the region, we guarantee we can find an itinerary to suit your requirements. Plus, they have one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios in the industry, almost 1:1. The Australia and New Zealand cruises truly take you closer to the authentic beauty of the world with bespoke mid-land adventures, shore excursions, and authentic ultra-luxury small ship experience.

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