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Sydney Harbour cruise

How much does an Australian cruise cost?

Going on a cruise vacation in Australia will be a unique experience. Learn about some of the best cruise lines in Australia and their pricing.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Regarding cruising, no one can deny that Australia is one of the best places to spend a cruise vacation. There are attractions and activities for both thrill seekers and those who prefer a more relaxing atmosphere. It provides a diverse range of itineraries that allow you to experience various landscapes, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and beautiful rainforests. Several prominent cruise lines from across the world operate in Australia, visiting beautiful cities such as Cairns, Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney, and Melbourne.

What is the cost of an Australian cruise?

Depending on the budget and vacation styles, travelers can choose from different types of cruises, such as budget-friendly, luxury, family fun, and expedition cruises. The following is a list of the major cruise lines in Australia, along with their cost of traveling.

1 - Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line offers multiple itineraries in Australia and nearby places where travelers can discover local culture and participate in different onboard activities. The itinerary offered by the cruise line is 4 to 12 days, with ships departing from places such as Sydney and Brisbane. The price of a standard cruise can range between $200 to $580 per person for a double occupancy room. It offers culinary experiences for the guests, where they get to taste local seafood, lamb dishes, and wine tasting. It also travels to Port Douglas, one of the most unique natural wonders.

2 - Disney Cruise Line

In Australia, Disney Cruise Line is known for providing exquisite onboard experiences such as Broadway-style shows, meeting Disney characters, themed clubs, and movies under the stars. The 10-night cruise costs around $2400 for two persons, which comes down to $120 per person per night. The cost varies depending on the duration of the journey and the type of cruise ship you go on. There is 24-hour room service included in the price, along with all meals and snacks. Travelers can enjoy Disney character-themed deck parties, imaginative dining, and musical shows.

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3 - Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offers itineraries that include some of the best attractions in Australia, such as wildlife sanctuaries, UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, and many more. A cruise's standard price is around $140 to $300 per person per day. The length of the cruise can be 5 days to 14 days long. These cruises travel to some of the most beautiful places like Tasmania, Brisbane, Fiji, New Zealand, and Queensland. The cruise lines also offer a 28-day round Australia cruises while traveling to 14 different ports of call.

4 - Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International offers various itineraries, ranging in length from 2 to 18 nights. The cruise line is one of the most preferred options due to its onboard entertainment, which includes rock climbing walls, a skating rink, wave pools, and dodgem cars. It has the greatest appeal on the market since there is genuinely something for everyone of any age group. The cost of an Australian cruise itinerary ranges between $120 to $290 per person per night.


A cruise vacation in Australia will be worth it with the presence of some of the best cruise lines and the finest amenities offered by them. When booking a cruise always check the price to make sure that it fits your budget and vacation plans. There are numerous cruises available, whether they are suitable for family, partying, adventure, or relaxation.

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