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What are the benefits of a group cruise?

You can go on a group cruise with your friends and family and have the experience of a lifetime. Check out the top benefits of a group cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A wise quote by Tim Cahill goes like ‘A journey is best measured in friends, not miles’. Planning an event with your family and friends is much more fun than doing it alone. So, why not plan a cruise with your gang? If you dream of yourself on an elegant ship with your loved ones, going on a group cruise can be the best choice. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a group cruise.

What is a group cruise?

When a number of people occupy enough staterooms on a cruise because they share an affinity, then it qualifies as a group. Cruise lines usually consider multiple people to be part of a group if they book 8 double-occupancy cabins together, which means a minimum of 16 passengers. However, it depends on the cruise line.

What are the benefits of booking a group cruise?

A cruise with your friends or loved ones is a great way to catch up and spend unforgettable moments together. Along with witnessing the scenic beauty and exploring foreign lands, you can also reap special perks on cruises like free rooms, complimentary drinks, etc. Check out the top 5 benefits of a group cruise:

Favorable group rates

Group cruises are often priced lower than regular rates. This is perhaps one of the best benefits of booking a group cruise. The person who books first can lock the rates offered to the early birds, and those who book later in the group can take advantage of it. Often, a group travel agent can also avail of discounted rates by talking to the sales team of the cruise line.

Special perks

When you book multiple cabins, you get added perks like onboard credits, complimentary specialty dining, drink vouchers, etc. If you are with a large group, you can get many amenities that are not part of the standard services offered to all. Some of them might be group parties, surfing for the group without having to wait in a queue, etc.

Discount for kids

Some cruise lines offer discounted rates for third or fourth passengers along with two full-paying guests. Other cruise lines offer free cruises for two children when they share a cabin with two full-fare adults. Many other cruise lines occasionally offer special promotions for children. Therefore, traveling with family becomes easier when you book a group cruise.

Onboard advantages

By booking a group cruise, you can use the spas, bars, shops, and other venues onboard with shipboard credits as an added advantage. If you book anything for more than five full-fare people, you get credits of a few hundred dollars. Certain cruises also offer a voucher for booking a stateroom. These are one of the most exciting benefits of a group cruise.

Easily customizable

If you are booking a group cruise for any special event you get the opportunity to organize customizable events. You can book private shore games, dinners, excursions, scavenger hunts, or even organize a destination wedding. Free cocktail parties and wine tastings might also be available. However, additional costs might also be applicable in some cases. 

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What are the Tips for group cruises?

You must have a point person in case your agent is not sailing with you. This person will be the main point of contact and will look after the group's needs. This might include any requests, problems, or concerns. Make sure your cruise line appoints a person who specifically handles such things.

Plan for your cruise in advance. Prior planning and booking ensure you get a seat before it gets completely filled. 

Plan your shore excursions. In case you want to take an additional offshore tour with your group of friends, you need to inform your tour planner. They will work this out with the cruise line as additional tours will need booking buses, boats, etc.


Although you can plan a group cruise yourself, consulting a travel agent is wiser to get better discounts. You can even book a cruise via to get tickets to the best cruises in the world. Enjoy the benefits of a group cruise with your loved ones!

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