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What is the best month to cruise the Western Caribbean?

Caribbean Islands offer an exotic experience for tourists with pristine beaches and forests. Know the best time to cruise in the Western Caribbean.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Caribbean islands are an archipelago of islands on the Caribbean Sea. Located close to the Equator, this archipelago witnesses a tropical climate unlike most of North America.

Best Time to Cruise the Western Caribbean Islands

Home to white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, friendly locals, and colorful culture, the Western Caribbean Islands will surely steal your heart.

If you are planning a memorable tropical holiday, this blog will give you a gist about the best time to cruise in the Western Caribbean.

Best months for Cruising Western Caribbean Islands

The peak season for traveling or cruising to the pristine islands of the Western Caribbean ensues from December till April. The period can extend till mid-May in many instances. During this time, the Western Caribbean Islands witness visitors from the northern hemispheres escaping the chilling cold winds.

February is the coolest month here, with temperatures usually between 70° and 80° F. This tropical ambiance, with sun-kissed beaches to relax, makes February the best time to cruise in the Western Caribbean Islands.

During your cruising experience here, absorb nature at its prime while relaxing on beaches or trekking in forests. However, it is important to note that during the best months to cruise in the Western Caribbean, i.e., December to April, you may have to deal with peak crowds and hike at higher prices.

Top Western Caribbean Islands to visit during the peak season

Here are some popular islands you must visit during the peak season for cruising around the Western Caribbean Islands.

1. Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean islands for cruising experiences with friends, loved ones, or solo. Away from the chilling climate of your home, embrace the tropical beaches, reefs, cuisine, and friendly people in Jamaica.

The best time to cruise around the islands of Jamaica is from mid-December to mid-April. This region is famous for stunning beaches that offer everything you want in a tropical vacation. You can enjoy local cocktails in beach bars and rent loungers to sunbathe. You can also snorkel offshore in Montego Marine Park and swim with colorful fishes.

2. St. Lucia

This is another pristine island in the Western Caribbean Islands that you must not miss while cruising here. This island is home to two Pitons designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. St. Lucia can be one of your favorite tropical romantic holiday destinations if you are visiting here from December to April. You can relax on white beaches, enjoy water sports, and trek in dense forests.

You can visit this island with several cruise lines that you can book a cruise online and enjoy their hassle-free packaged trips.

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3. Cayman Islands

Is scuba diving still waiting on your bucket list? You can tick that off immediately by cruising to the heavenly Cayman Islands. This is one of the most popular Caribbean cruise destinations from June to July, the best time to cruise in the Western Caribbean.

You can take a walk on pearly white beaches with crystal clear water on Seven Miles Beach. Go for deep dives beneath these turquoise waves to discover a new world underneath. Snorkeling at Stingray City and diving from the USS Kittiwake are two activities that will surely make your vacation memorable.

4. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a popular vacation destination in the Cayman Islands due to its accessibility. You can head towards Cemetery Beach or Governor's Beach to swim, snorkel, or float your day away. You can also witness the best coral reefs of the Caribbean Islands from these beaches.

If you are looking for an adrenaline kick, venture to Hell to send a postcard from there! Hell is a small town here that gets its name from short black limestone formations surrounding this area.

Key takeaways

December to February is the best time to cruise to the Caribbean-Western. However, if you are planning to enjoy a tranquil holiday, you may visit here in mid-November when these islands are less crowded. On that note, consider watching for hurricane warnings in this region, which may happen from June to November.

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