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What age group goes on cruises the most?

Many travel experts say that the older one’s age, the farther the destination they want to travel. Know which age group goes on cruises the most often.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises offer an amazing holiday option for all ages. Parents can plan an eventful summer vacation for their children on cruises during holidays and enjoy it with their family. Couples can escape from the monotony of daily lives and reconnect. Solo travelers set sail to explore new adventurers to feed their souls.

In this endless quest for adventure, elderly travelers go on cruises to seek peace and relaxation while voyaging to far-off lands. To spice up the adventure, one seeks the company of like-minded voyagers. Knowing the age group of most travelers gives you an idea of the company on board.

Keep reading to know about which age group goes on cruises the most

What Is the Average Age of Passengers on Cruise?

Passengers of diverse age groups are welcome on cruise ships. There are also endless activities for people of all age groups to make their vacations memorable. 

Nevertheless, the average age of cruise ship passengers is generally 47 years. According to a survey by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association),  15% of the total population of the vessel belongs to this age demography. This may vary under several circumstances, including ship size, destination, season, etc.

The average age of the oldest passengers on a cruise is 62 years. Looking at this, we can say cruises are one of the best modes to spend a leisurely vacation for the elderly. To cater to this crowd, cruises bring forth special itineraries and all-inclusive packages for middle-aged and elderly passengers.

Does Cruise Passenger Demographics Change?

Depending on several factors, there can be a difference in demographics on each cruise ship. It is known that the farther the destination, the more time it will take to travel.

Consequently, passengers with children and large families tend to avoid such cruises. The most affordable vacation time for this demographic is during school summer vacation, so they can only travel for 2-3 weeks.

Long-distance cruises have a dominant crowd of elderly travelers, mainly those aged 50 and above. They have ample time to venture into far-off lands, unlike younger travelers. Difficult Cruise destinations like the Southern Pacific Islands can also be expensive, resulting in a majority of elderly passengers.

Small and mid-sized cruises also attract the majority of the elderly demographic. This is because this group of people is not quite interested in onboard activities. The scenario is the opposite for larger cruises. These have many onboard activities that attract families, couples, and single travelers.

What Are the Best Cruises for Young Adults?

Now that you know which age group goes on cruises more frequently, you may want to know the best cruises for the youth. Young adults are the growing tourist base for the cruise industry. Unlike the elderly demographic, they opt for short-distance voyages for a few days. Cruises also tend to offer special promotions to attract college students during spring break.

The cruises that aim to attract a younger demographic plan many onboard activities. These include art exhibitions, music shows, premium dining, clubbing, and water activities like snorkeling and diving. Here are some of the popular cruise lines for young adults.

You can book your favorite cruise liner online from several portals like for their great deals. Choose the cruise that caters to your taste and idea of a sea-faring vacation and set sail.

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Before You Set Sail

Sailing on a cruise to exotic destinations is the ultimate goal for all cruise passengers. To make the journey memorable, one seeks the company of like-minded co-passengers on a cruise.

Knowing which age group goes on cruises the most, you can plan your trip accordingly to fit in and mingle with more people you like. If you wish to sail on a cruise with fewer children for a honeymoon or solo trip, you can opt for no-kids cruises like Virgin Voyages. The itinerary of these cruises will allow you to enjoy a fairy-tale date sailing.

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