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Which is the best stateroom to book on a Carnival cruise?

Don’t know which stateroom will be best for you? Know about the stateroom you should be booking when traveling on a Carnival cruise.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Carnival cruises are very well-known all over the world for providing an exciting and charming holiday experience. When planning a trip, the first step is to select the stateroom or cabin in which you will be staying for the duration of the trip. There are various staterooms options on ships of the Carnival cruise line, which mainly fall into three broad categories: inside cabins, ocean-view cabins, and balcony cabins. The cruise line tries to make these accommodation options affordable for the cruisers. Researching cabins before booking and selecting the cabin that fulfills your cruise vacation desires can ensure that you have a pleasant holiday. 

Which is the best stateroom on a Carnival cruise?

Choose the best cabin on a Carnival Cruise depending on the factors mentioned below.

1 - Cruising with a group of friends

Cruise ships are an excellent place to spend a vacation with a group of friends, whether there are 10 or 20 in your group. If you are traveling on a Carnival cruise ship, staterooms in the midship section will be the best option as they are spacious and accommodate multiple people. When going with a large group of friends, make sure to arrange your accommodations as soon as possible because you may need to book multiple rooms. Book those staterooms which are connected. Every cabin features the luxuries of a five-star hotel, including soft, comfy sheets, in-room safes, lots of storage space, television, climate control, and even bathrobes on request.

2 - Cruising with family members

Spending a cruise vacation with family can be a loving memory for life as you get the chance to spend time with your kids and partner. There will be tons of entertainment available on board to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for your family. When it comes to choosing accommodation, there are plenty of options for those traveling with family.

  • Family Harbour is a specialty stateroom that gives you and your family members special access to the Family Harbor lounge, which offers breakfast, snacks, family movies, video games, board games, and more. Kids can eat free meals and snacks at the family harbor restaurant.
  • Staterooms on the upper deck can be an ideal choice as they are closest to most of the entertainment options available on the ship. It will be a great place for kids as they will be able to access entertainment options quickly.
  • Family-friendly staterooms are specifically designed to keep in mind the requirements of a family. These staterooms are quite spacious and have a small living space and an additional bathroom.

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3 - Cruising with your partner (couples)

Traveling on a cruise ship is a popular way for couples to have a pleasant and romantic vacation. Carnival cruise line has several amenities on its cruise ships specifically for couples, including staterooms.

  • Balcony staterooms are designed to be suitable for couples, where beautiful views of the ocean can be enjoyed. A balcony can be a terrific place to have a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine with your partner.
  • Cloud 9 spa staterooms are the specialty ones where you will have priority reservations at the spa. When you reserve this type of stateroom, you get the spa service as a complimentary service.

4 - Traveling solo

Going on a solo cruise vacation is nothing short of an adventure, as you can go wherever you want without worrying about anyone else. When traveling solo on a cruise, a small-size cabin will be an ideal option for accommodation.

  • Interior staterooms will be ideal for solo travelers. It will be perfect for those who want to spend some time alone while on vacation.
  • Havana staterooms are close to the swimming pool area and bar, making it an ideal location for solo travelers who want to meet new people on the ship.


Carnival cruises provide a wide range of stateroom options, making it simpler for travelers to pick the best one for them. The prices of these cabins might vary depending on the amenities provided and demand. These staterooms provide luxurious experiences at reasonable pricing and are outfitted with facilities like in-room safes, televisions, climate control, and bathrobes.

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