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How to Find the Best Cruise Deals for Singles?

Traveling on a cruise as a single will surely be one of a kind experience and a memorable vacation. Know about the ways to find the best cruise deals for singles.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Many cruise lovers might think cruise vacations should be taken with friends or family. However, many people love to travel solo. Cruise lines also make special arrangements and activities that solo travelers can enjoy. Going on a cruise journey as a solo traveler offers a unique kind of experience where you get the freedom to have whatever fun you want and also get an opportunity to make some new friends. Traveling solo has various advantages, including having the capacity to make plans based on your requirements and not having to worry about anybody else.

How can single travelers find the best cruise deals?

If you plan to travel solo on a cruise, you should know the ways mentioned below to find the best deal.

1 - Book your cruise early

Booking a cruise early can be advantageous because rates will not be high owing to low demand, and there will be an ample number of lodging options to pick from. The non-supplement studio cabins are seen to be the finest for solo travelers, yet they can be hard to come by, so booking a year or more in advance will be wise. Those looking for standard cabins should book their cruise six to eight months in advance for the best price and luxurious option. Early booking also increases the likelihood of receiving good discounts and deals, which can save a substantial amount of money.

2 - Book late or go for last-minute deals

Many people are drawn to last-minute deals, typically offered 60 to 90 days before the cruise ship's departure. Solo travelers with flexible plans should book their cruise late or look for last-minute cruise deals. At the time of last-minute deals, cruise lines just want to get their remaining cabins booked, so they significantly reduce the price. The discounts offered might range from 50% to 60%, and there is a chance of getting a few additional perks. However, this is not the best option if you have a specific ship or cabin in mind because space is often limited.

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3 - Take proper time for searching the best deal

When searching for the best cruise deals, it is important to be patient and keep a tab on various sources to know about those deals. Visit the cruise lines' websites to grab complete information about them and turn on the alerts to know about any discounts quickly. Social media, particularly Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are being used for promoting deals as well, so start monitoring the updates of the major cruise lines. The offers you will get might range from simple discounts to extras like drink packages and spa treatments.

Tips that every solo traveler should keep in mind

  • Try to interact and make friends with the crew members to know the ship better and to get advice about the best amenities onboard and the best shore excursions to select. Whatever your interests are, they are experts at recommending the best things to do on the ship and in the ports.
  • If you love to meet new people, then choose to go on group shore excursions, where you can chat and get to know other people. By making new friends you won’t face any kind of boredom during your journey.
  • If you love spending time with other cruise travelers but also want to spend some time alone, go for a solo cabin. Cruise ships have several cabins that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of solo travelers.

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Traveling as a single on a cruise ship will undoubtedly be worthwhile because it is a terrific opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. Before embarking on a solo journey, getting the best deals is critical so you can make the most of your holiday time.

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