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How Much Would an around the World Cruise Cost?

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By Cruise Booking Team

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Traveling around the world with your loved ones is a dream that all of us want to achieve one day, and what better way to do so than through a cruise? This is one of the most exciting ways to experience the world and the different cultures and sceneries and have the time of your life as well. Ticking off destinations from your bucket list, all without the hassle of traveling from one place to another, changing transports, and changing hotels, is one of the easiest ways to do an around-the-world cruise. Well, of course, this is an exciting opportunity for anyone as a cruising enthusiast, but being well aware of the costs and budgeting of such cruises is an extremely important part of planning your next adventure trip. Fear not, for this article provides you with details about how much an around-the-world cruise costs.

Planning Your Budget-Friendly Around the World Cruise

Many top cruise lines offer such around-the-world cruise trips to cruising enthusiasts. Finding out which one suits you best and what your budget is can be a hard feat, but don't worry. Below, we've curated some of the best options you can find in the industry to make your planning easier.

1. Crystal:

Aboard the Crystal Serenity, you’ll find the perfect mixture of class, elegance, and adventurous fun! Offering a 123-night around-the-world cruise while allowing its passengers to visit 31 countries, this ship is the perfect getaway for your next vacation. Serenity is a more compact ship, offering space enough for 750 passengers at once, and aims to provide a more personalized experience for cruisers. This cruise visits destinations like Belize, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Jordan.

A unique mention that might cater to your taste of exclusivity with comfort is that due to having fewer guests, the ratio of staff members to passengers is almost equal, and there is almost one staff member for every passenger onboard! For an additional price after the base fare, you can go on excursions both before and after the cruise, all of which are organized by Abercrombie & Kent.

As for prices, Serenity is available for passengers at a starting cost of $66,200 per passenger for this trip. Of course, the cabin type, port, etc., all play an important role in deciding the final amount.

2. Cunard Line:

Cunard’s around-the-world cruise is offered through one of their fleet’s finest, the Queen Anne. With only a month away from operation, this cruise ship offers space for 2,996 passengers to travel onboard at once. This world tour starts and ends at Hamburg Port in Germany. Spanning 111 nights, this cruise trip takes you across places like Lubeck, Germany (World Heritage Site; declared by UNESCO), Antigua, Guatemala, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and more.

You’ll be able to go deep into the cultural experience of such places and immerse yourself in the local culture that these places have to offer. This is not all; aboard the Queen Anne, you’ll find various other activities to keep you both entertained and occupied on the sea travel days. One such unique feature that you’ll be able to find aboard this ship is its main pool area, which comes with a retractable glass roof called The Pavillion. As for the overall costs, around $17,799 per person can be spent on this cruise line.

3. Holland America Line:

Holland America Line offers a 124-day-long grand world voyage that takes you to various diverse destinations around the world. This cruise is provided aboard the Zuiderdam Cruises, which has enough space for around 1,964 passengers onboard. You depart from Fort Lauderdale and travel to various itineraries, such as Tokyo, Mumbai, Istanbul, Singapore, and the Panama Canal.

Worried that you won’t get enough time to immerse yourself in the culture of these places? Don’t worry. With longer port stays, you can dive into the heart of cities like Kobe, Shanghai, Hong Kong, China, and more! What is unique about this cruise line is that apart from the generally available itineraries, Holland offers you a trip to the Amazons as well! Thinking you might get bored on this trip during the sea days, well even that is taken care of with thrilling and exciting activities planned onboard. From live orchestra to casinos and a wide range of cuisine, you’re bound to enjoy every minute of it. You can pay around $24,999 per person to go aboard this world voyage trip.

4. MSC Cruises:

MSC Cruises offers round trips from four different ports, namely Rome and Genoa (Italy), Marseille (France), and Barcelona, and this around-the-world cruise is guaranteed to blow your mind. Aboard the MSC Magnifica, you can travel on their 116-night-long world tour that takes route across various places such as the Mediterranean, South America, the South Pacific, Australia, and Asia. Some specific cities that you can get to explore while aboard the Magnifica are Puerto Madryn in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro in Casablanca, Morocco in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Phuket in  Thailand,  and many more culturally diverse places across the world.

You get the chance to truly immerse yourselves in the history of the place and experience what the local culture and food are all about! Going through Genoa's Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Lawrence to explore monasteries in the city of Montserrat, Spain. While prices can always change due to some external factors, on average, you would have to pay a minimum fee of $14,469 per person to be able to embark on this fun and exciting cruise trip across the world.

5. Azamara Cruises:

Aboard their newest addition to the ever-growing fleet, Azamara Onward is offering two compact and more personalized experiences to its passengers. Offering enough space for 684 passengers at once, this cruise ship provides the luxury of exploring 37 countries to cruisers from San Diego, and the trip ends in Southampton, England. You get to go on a 155-night around-the-world cruise trip while exploring places like French Polynesia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy, France, and more!

Offering a party right off the bat before embarkation, Azamara's Onward cruise ship offers delectable, high-quality Hawaiian cuisine, exclusive parties, and more, all to keep you thoroughly entertained on your trip. The latest world tour costs around $89,001, while the second one currently has a starting cost of $85,141 per person.

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An around-the-world cruise is truly exciting and a great way to experience all that this world has to offer. Planning ahead of time and looking out for budget-friendly options is possibly the best option you have if you wish for your adventurous trip to be seamless and hassle-free. To ensure that this feeling remains throughout your booking process, choose as your booking partner for cheap deals and quick access to spots on your favorite ships.

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