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Royal Caribbean vs. Celebrity: Comparison of Cruise Lines

Can't decide between Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises? We break down ship size, itineraries, dining, entertainment, and more to help you pick your perfect cruise!

By Cruise Booking Team

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The two major brands that fall under the Royal Caribbean Group are Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, both of which have become well-known cruises that provide a variety of experiences that cater to different types of travelers. In this blog, we'll go into detail about how Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises differ based on onboard experiences, itineraries, and passenger profiles, emphasizing the decision-making process that travelers will have.


Size of ships

One of the most apparent differences between Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises is the size of the ships. Royal Caribbean turns its strength into a fleet with cutting-edge amenities and family-friendly attractions, including some of the largest ships on the sea. Their ships cater to guests seeking a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, with amenities like water slides, zip lines, and skydiving simulators. On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises provides upper-class, mature-oriented adventures, with ships that are large and elegant, their interiors decorated in a modern style, and many luxurious facilities.

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Passenger profile

The passenger profile on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises differs significantly. Royal Caribbean cruise ships are recognized by passengers of diverse backgrounds, such as families, couples, and groups of friends who intend to have a fun and active cruise atmosphere at a reasonable price. Their vessels encompass various categories, like those with children, multigenerational groups, and couples of any age. In contrast, Celebrity Cruises is a brand that middle-aged or older travelers typically choose. They have a fleet of ships that prefer a high standard and refined atmosphere, thus attracting those who are looking for a laid-back and elegant journey.

Royal Caribbean vs. Celebrity
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International/Celebrity Cruises

Cabins and suites

Both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are ready to offer a wide range of cabin and suite choices to suit every preference and budget. Royal Caribbean differentiates its ships with various cabin categories, particularly the newer and the biggest ones, designed for families or couples on a budget. Suite categories are their most considerable amenities that feature VIP services, like a butler and a special menu at no additional cost. Celebrity Cruises, in contrast, reduces the number of the overall cabin types but gives the non-suite rooms some extra amenities like the dedicated concierge service and exceptional dining options. Their suite guests can access exclusive amenities as part of The Retreat, including a private sun deck, lounge, and restaurant.

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Through dining, both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises provide their guests with numerous onboard restaurants, serving cuisines to satisfy every palate. The ships of Royal Caribbean offer a blend of complementary and extra-paid restaurants, from casual eateries to specialty venues that offer various cuisines worldwide. Celebrity Cruises also provides guests with multiple dining choices through their Edge-series ships-themed restaurants and exceptional onboard dining experiences for suite guests. While both lines offer outstanding dining experiences, Celebrity Cruises' specialty restaurant lineup outperforms Royal Caribbean's in quality and atmosphere. Whether you want steak and seafood or gourmet French cuisine, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises have something to suit your taste.

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Onboard attractions

One of the vital aspects of both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises is their onboard attractions. Royal Caribbean is famous for its adrenaline rush activities, such as slides, ropes, and simulators, featuring skydiving. These ships are attractive to families and active travelers who are looking for thrilling adventures. Their ships also provide an extensive choice of activities, including rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks, and bumper cars, so there is always a bright moment on board. In contrast, Celebrity Cruises provides a more upmarket and stylish ambiance on board with its features, such as natural grass lawns and fashionable upper-deck relaxation areas. Their ships are designed to create an atmosphere of calm and luxury, which is a perfect destination for couples and people who are tired of hectic schedules and want to relax.

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Another distinction between Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises is in their entertainment offerings. Royal Caribbean is well-known for its dynamic and exciting entertainment options, which include Broadway-style shows, high-tech multimedia acts, and interactive game shows suitable for guests of all ages. Their ships have a variety of pubs, lounges, and nightclubs that provide live music, karaoke, and themed parties throughout the cruise. On the other hand, Celebrity Cruises has a more sophisticated and diverse entertainment roster, including creative musicals, live music, and themed acts that push the envelope and engage audiences. The design of their cruise displays sleek bars and lounges with custom cocktails, live music, and spectacular sea-view outlets.

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Regarding itineraries, both Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines offer the choice of many Cruise destinations worldwide, ranging from locations for those who like to relax and have fun to destinations for those who want to explore and learn. The Royal Caribbean's ships visit over 300 destinations, with their favorite travels going to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, and Asia. Their ships run journey liner services to different destinations, for example, the Mediterranean, Greek islands, and British Isles, hence offering a variety of options to their passengers. Apart from Celebrity Cruises, travelers will also have a variety of itineraries to choose from, as they can sail to over 300 cruise ports in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, and South America. Their ships are designed to cover different seasons, heading to places like the Mediterranean, Iceland, and Northern Europe, along with Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands expeditions. Whether you want a calm, relaxing trip or an exciting and surprising journey, both companies have programs that fit your travel needs.

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The Royal Caribbean is the one for families and active travelers who want to enjoy the thrills and fun with exciting activities and vibrant entertainment, as the ships are large and offer many adrenaline-filled activities. However, the Celebrity Cruises brand is the one for couples and adult clients searching for a more premium experience onboard with its upscale atmosphere and trendy facilities. From zero gravity fun to ultimate relaxation, the Royal Caribbean and the Celebrity Cruise offer some of the best experiences that will make you crave more!
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