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What Are Things You Should not Buy on a Cruise Ship?

Don't waste money on your cruise! Uncover 5 things you should never buy onboard, from duty-free deals to pricey excursions.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise ship provides a distinctive fusion of luxury, adventure, and pleasure when cruising the high seas. The experience for passengers is all-inclusive. Two of the many facilities that cruise ships are designed to offer their guests are gourmet food and onboard entertainment. However, it's crucial to exercise caution while making purchases on board, even if seeing new locations and taking advantage of the onboard amenities can be thrilling experiences. While cruise ships offer a wide variety of shopping possibilities, not every item you may purchase is worth the price you paid. To help you have a fun and economical trip, this piece will go over the things you should not buy on a cruise ship.

List of Things You Should Avoid Purchasing on a Cruise Ship

1. Duty-Free Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Duty-free shopping is a common attraction for cruisers, especially when it comes to booze and tobacco products. Though it can seem like a fantastic idea to have these products on board without having to pay taxes, carefully consider how good of a deal this is. Duty-free booze and tobacco goods on cruise ships are often priced about the same as they would be in your neighborhood liquor store or tobacco shop. Furthermore, limitations on the quantity you can buy and bring back to your home country may reduce the amount of savings you can get. Therefore, before splurging on duty-free booze and tobacco items onboard, it's a good idea to examine pricing and take your usage habits into account.

2. Spa and Salon Services

The luxurious services and treatments provided by cruise ship spas and salons are intended to spoil visitors and promote relaxation. Alternatives abound, ranging from facials and massages to manicures and hair styling. However, sometimes, the advantages of these services do not outweigh the cost. Make sure you're getting a fair bargain on your spa or salon service by comparing the rates and ratings before making a reservation. Furthermore, take into account whether similar services can be obtained in port cities or at a lesser expense at home, enabling you to experience the same degree of luxury without going over your budget.

3. Supplements and Vitamins

Prescription drugs and supplies for personal hygiene must usually be acquired as soon as possible upon arrival at the port. What do we recommend? In your suitcase, always include necessities like painkillers and any regular vitamins or supplements. Even if you don't get seasick, it's still safer to have some on hand, particularly for shore excursions involving catamarans and other tiny boats. Even though seasickness medication is typically carried on ships, a visiting fee may be imposed by aboard doctors in addition to the expense of any medical goods or treatments if you need daily prescriptions and neglect to take them. No insurance is accepted. The medication you require might not be brought on board, which is an additional option.

4. Professional Photography Services

Having photos during your cruise is essential, and a lot of cruise ships provide professional photography services to help you capture those priceless moments. Although it may seem convenient to have photographers on board to take your photos in beautiful settings, the cost of these services can mount up rapidly. Consider using your smartphone or camera to take your pictures when traveling rather than depending entirely on the onboard photographers. You will not only save money by doing this, but you will also have more control over the images you capture and be free to shoot as many photos as you choose without feeling pressured to purchase more.

5. Pricey Excursions and Tours

The chance to visit breathtaking places and take part in exhilarating excursions and tours is one of the best parts of any cruise holiday. Although there are many different shore excursions available to passengers on cruise lines, some of them can be rather expensive. Do your research or ask around for alternatives before reserving an excursion through the cruise line. By booking directly with the operator or joining group tours with other travelers, you may often have similar experiences at less cost. Furthermore, contemplate venturing out on your own to freely explore ports by public transit or just by rambling around to find hidden treasures and the local way of life at your leisure.

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While there are plenty of chances for exploration, adventure, and leisure on cruises, it is really necessary to use prudence when buying to avoid going overboard. By making thoughtful purchases while on board, you can improve your trip experience without going over budget. Whether it's choosing less expensive mementos, avoiding the allure of duty-free alcohol, or looking into other trip choices, carefully organizing your onboard shopping will help you make the most of your cruise vacation without going over budget. Value and quality should be given priority if you want to make sure that your sailing trip is enjoyable and full of memorable experiences.

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