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Which Cruise Lines Offer Transatlantic Cruises?

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By Cruise Booking Team

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Adding transatlantic destinations to your cruising list is the dream of almost every other cruising enthusiast. Visiting some of the most beautiful, culturally diverse, and fascinating places in the world through destinations such as the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Transatlantic cruises are certainly worth the hype, but exactly what do cruise lines offer such destinations to their passengers? Fear not, for this article explores the answer to this question. We've curated a list of a few of the best cruise lines that offer transatlantic destinations that you can opt for for your next cruising vacation.

Some Cruise Lines That Offer Transatlantic Cruises

A lot of cruise lines in the cruising industry offer transatlantic cruises to enthusiasts all around the world. Listed below are some of the best options that you can explore while choosing a cruise line for your next vacation.

Some Of The Best Transatlantic Cruises That You Can Find

There are a lot of cruise lines, as listed before, in the cruising industry that offer various transatlantic destinations to passengers. We have curated a list of certain transatlantic cruises for you below that lists out some of the best options that you can choose from when you start planning your next adventurous cruising trip.

1. Cunard's Queen Mary 2:

For weekly trips from New York and Southampton, Queen Mary 2 features enough space for 2,691 passengers. This cruising adventure lasts about eight nights eastbound and six nights westbound. It features various amenities, activities, and thrilling adventures aboard the cruise ship that can help you enjoy life at sea to its fullest. Queen Mary 2 features a lot of amazing and new features that you might not commonly find at sea. These include one of the largest libraries on a cruise, as well as a planetarium on deck through which you can enjoy looking at the night sky while learning about astronomy. You can pay approximately $1,129 per person starting price for an inside cabin, while if you wish to get a cabin with a balcony, the costs start at $1,619 per person.

2. Celebrity Cruises' Ascent and Apex

Celebrity Ascent, Celebrity’s latest addition to their fleet, has enough space for 3,260 passengers at double occupancy and takes you on a journey across Spain, Portugal, and Bermuda. It is marketed as a more adult-only experience at sea. With sophisticated and high-quality food, contemporary interior design, and various hot tubs and pools, this cruise trip is the best choice for your trip if you wish to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. In general, for inside rooms, the starting price range stands at $1,353 per person, while it costs $2,399 for cabins with balconies and a view attached.

Celebrity Apex, on the other hand, offers trips to Bermuda and Portugal during the prime spring season. It can hold 2,910 passengers and has amenities similar to those of Ascent, seeing as they are both part of the same cruise ship class. The cost for an inside cabin starts at $799 per person, and if you wish for balcony rooms, that costs around $1,272 per person.

At the latest, you can opt for any of their two transatlantic adventures: a 13-night transatlantic trip to Spain, Portugal, and Bermuda and another 13-night Bermuda and Portugal transatlantic trip.

3. Princess Cruises' Sky Princess

Sky Princess is one of those transatlantic cruises that boasts more days at sea with various port stops for the cruising journey. It features a 27-night Moroccan and Iberian grand adventure transatlantic cruising adventure at the latest that you can opt for. Boasting enough space for 3,660 passengers, Sky Princess also has a lot of interesting features to keep you entertained during your trip while taking you to various destinations. The trip takes you across different ports, namely across Portugal, Morocco, Spain, England, Madeira, three Canary Islands, and Casablanca. You can experience a diverse range of cuisines onboard and even watch movies on the poolside under the starry and clear skies while at sea.

4. Viking's Viking Mars:

At the latest, you will get one transatlantic cruise trip aboard the Viking’s fleet. Featuring a 20-night Atlantic and Mediterranean Horizons trip for enthusiasts around the world, Viking has space for around 930 passengers, and this number can easily be boarded on this ship at once. You get to go through Madeira, Barcelona, the French ports of Sete and Marseille, Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Livorno, Italy. Per person, balcony cabins cost $7,198 on Viking Mars.

Viking Mars is an adults-only cruising experience and is bound to help you sit back and relax on your vacation. Eight dining venues, Liv Nordic Spa, guest lectures, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of relaxing and thought-provoking activities onboard, as Viking labels itself as the thinking man’s ship.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima boasts enough space for 3,099 passengers and offers passengers a lot of amenities and diverse options to choose from. Featuring 14 different restaurants onboard, with various bars and lounges as well, Prima ensures that you can easily find something to your liking. The starting prices for inside cabins are from $1,499 per person, while balcony cabins will cost you $2,199 per person. Another noteworthy mention that can make this even more enjoyable is the three-level go-karting racetrack and virtual-reality gaming center for all passengers. You can opt for Norwegian’s 16-night transatlantic trip that takes you to Italy, France, and Spain.

Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling On A Transatlantic Cruise

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before you begin your journey on a transatlantic cruise. Firstly, the perfect time of the year to go on these kinds of cruises usually falls around May, June, and July. At this time of the year, the weather is usually warm, and the seas are more gentle compared to August, September, and October, which are known to be when hurricane season sets in.

March, April, and November, while not preferred by most due to the cooler temperatures resulting in fewer poolside and deck activities, are still a great choice to plan your trip around, especially if the cruise route travels from Florida to the Mediterranean. If you're looking for good offers and low prices for these cruise trips, then spring and fall are generally the best seasons, as this is the time for repositioning cruises.

Generally, these transatlantic cruises have varying durations, ranging from 7 nights to 20+ nights at a time.

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Transatlantic cruises can be a great way to explore unknown destinations across the Atlantic region. You get to experience the sea properly, and the above-listed cruise lines certainly have enough activities and adventures packed onboard to keep you occupied and entertained 24/7. Use the next time you want to book a transatlantic cruising adventure to get the best deals in the market!

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