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What is the best side of the ship for a transatlantic crossing?

Read about the best side of the ship for a transatlantic crossing. Make your voyage unforgettable!

By Cruise Booking Team

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A transatlantic crossing is a voyage of dreams and adventure that mixes the romance of the wide sea with the promise of new horizons. As you embark on this voyage, one question arises in many travelers' minds: Which side of the ship is ideal for a transatlantic crossing? It may appear to be a simple decision, but it might significantly impact your trip. This guide will help you negotiate the waters and make the most of your transatlantic voyage, whether you want breathtaking views, a smoother ride, or convenience.

Transatlantic Crossing: Best Side of the Ship

There are two primary routes for transatlantic crossings: the North and South Atlantic.

1. The North Atlantic route

The North Atlantic route connects Europe to North America's east coast. It usually consists of traveling from northern European ports like Southampton or Hamburg to New York City or Boston. This route frequently travels through weather-variable regions, including the infamous "weather bomb" zones of the North Atlantic.

2. The South Atlantic route

The South Atlantic route connects Europe to North and South America's southern coasts. It usually entails sailing from European ports like Lisbon or Barcelona to places like Miami, Rio de Janeiro, or Buenos Aires. This route typically has calmer and more dependable weather.

Factors to consider while choosing the side

1. Scenic views and sunsets

If you enjoy magnificent ocean views and breathtaking sunsets, the direction of your cruise may influence your choice of side. Cabins on the starboard side (right side when facing forward) of a westbound transatlantic journey from Europe to the Americas (North or South) are legendary for capturing beautiful sunset views over the ocean. However, for an eastward trip from the Americas to Europe, cabins on the port side (left side while facing forward) may have equally stunning sunrise views.

2. Wind and weather

Weather conditions can have a huge impact on your transatlantic trip experience. On the North Atlantic route, where the weather can be unpredictable and occasionally rough, consider booking a stateroom on the lower decks and closer to the ship's center. This placement is less likely to move and provides more stability in rough seas.

Those sailing on the South Atlantic route, where the weather is usually calmer, have additional options for choosing the side of their cabin. You can prioritize vistas or other facilities without having to worry about motion sickness as much.

3. Sun exposure

The side of the ship you choose can also influence how much direct sunlight enters your cabin. Cabins on the starboard side of a westbound ship will often receive more sunshine during the day, making them warmer and potentially brighter. If you like waking up to natural light and prefer warmer cabin temperatures, this is something to think about.

On the other hand, cabins on the port side of an eastward cruise may be colder and receive less direct sunlight, which may be desirable for people who prefer a darker, cooler sleeping environment.

4. Noise levels

Noise levels are another important issue to consider. Noise levels may increase in cabins near high-traffic areas such as lifts, stairwells, or entertainment venues. They can, however, allow easy access to the ship's activities. If you prefer a more tranquil setting, choose a cottage located further away from these locations.

5. Accessibility to amenities

Modern cruise ships have amenities, from restaurants and bars to spas and pools. Consider the proximity of your accommodation to the ship's facilities while selecting the side of your cabin. If you prefer dining at specific restaurants or spending time in particular lounges, choosing a cabin closer to those features can improve your overall experience.

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Ultimately, your interests and priorities determine the best side of the ship for a transatlantic journey. While the side of the ship can influence your views, exposure to sunshine, and motion throughout the voyage, it is only one of many considerations to consider when booking your stateroom. The North and South Atlantic routes provide contrasting experiences, with the North Atlantic frequently presenting more challenging weather and the South Atlantic providing a gentler voyage.

Understanding your itinerary, weather forecasts, and personal preferences will allow you to decide which side of the ship is best for your transatlantic journey.

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