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Are the Activities on Royal Caribbean Free?

Enjoy Royal Caribbean adventures! Discover thrilling activities. Are they free? Let's explore the excitement and navigate the seas.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Sailing on the Royal Caribbean Cruise assures you of adventure, luxury, and unmatched entertainment. Before you go on board, it’s natural to think about the inclusions of your cruise fare and other features that can make a difference in your journey. In this blog, we shall talk about free activities that one can do with Royal Caribbean and extra expense activities.

What Activities Are Available Onboard?

Royal Caribbean has perfected the art of an almost fully inclusive cruising experience. Cruise fare caters to basic needs such as accommodation, cuisines, entertainment facilities, and recreational grounds like swimming pools and spa baths. Everything comes at no extra cost for you to have nothing to worry about and thus brings you the best moments.

What Complimentary Activities Are Offered Onboard?

1. Sea Days and Adventures Aplenty

Your sea day is no less exciting compared to your shore exploration. The complementary activities are diverse and include surfing in the FlowRider® surf simulators and climbing in the rock-climbing wall. Play thrilling laser tag with your friends, go for a zipline swing through the jungle canopy, and have the time of your life without spending a cent.

2. Evenings Filled with Entertainment

After sunset, Royal Caribbean offers complementary entertainment activities. Attend evening onboard parties, watch movies outdoors and under the starry skies, and see Broadway class performances within the Royal Theater.

3. Dining Delights Included

The dining experience on every cruise is one of the most significant things; hence, Royal Caribbean provides numerous complimentary dining options. Its main dining room offers a refined space with a rotating menu representing some of the most impressive cooking creations worldwide. One can visit Windjammer Café, which is preferred for its vast selection of made-to-order omelets and international buffets.

Other venues that include Sorrento and Splashaway cafes, El Loco Fresh®, and Doghouse offer various delicious dishes, including pizza, hotdogs, Mexican burritos, etc. For lovers of excellent cuisines, specialty dining packages are available, while those who want complimentary can choose from the diverse flavors offered.

4. Drinks on the House

Wondering about beverages? During cruising, Royal Caribbean provides free drinks such as ice water, various flavors of water, coffee, tea or lemonades, and fruit juice for the guests. They are readily available at casual dining venues, the Main Dining Room, and other restaurants. Alcohol beverages are an additional fee.

What Requires Extra Spending?

While the basics are covered, some aspects of your cruise may involve additional fees. It's essential to be aware of these to plan your budget effectively and maximize the experience of your vacation.

1. Gratuities and Tipping System

A gratuity system is in place to acknowledge the hardworking crew members who contribute to your onboard experience. A daily gratuity of $16 per person (in a stateroom) and $18.50 per person (in a suite) is automatically added to your account. An 18% gratuity is also applied to purchased beverages, mini-bar items, and spa and salon services.

2. Specialty Dining

While many dining options are included in your cruise fare, there are specialty restaurants that offer a more intimate and elevated experience at an extra cost. From Chops Grille? for steakhouse fare to Giovanni's? Italian Kitchen, these venues provide a culinary journey with a price tag. Specialty dining packages are available for those who wish to sample multiple restaurants at a cost-effective rate.

3. Beverages and Wi-Fi Packages

The extras you will have to pay include alcoholic beverages, specialty coffees, bottled water, and freshly squeezed juices. Guests can enjoy drinking several of these beverages since Royal Caribbean has beverage packages that suit each taste. Also, you can select the Wi-fi package according to your needs as you have to pay extra for internet on a cruise. The prices change according to your duration, per device access or the packages offered.

4. Spa Treatments and Fitness Classes

Spa is another service for people who want to relax or rejuvenate. These include spas and other indulgent beauty treatments such as massages, which are tailored to ensure you have a good time on board; for those who plan on exercising while at sea, fitness classes in the gym cost an extra fee, too.

5. Shore Excursions and Premium Experiences

During your cruise, shore excursions and premium experiences are priced separately. You can know a destination better by these activities, though their cost depends on the nature of the tour and its period of time.

6. Specialty Classes and Onboard Purchases

The Royal Caribbean has a special price for specialty classes like sushi making and cupcake decoration that offer unique experiences. You may even choose extras that include professional photos taken onboard, arcade games, as well as boutique purchases that will additionally upgrade your sea journey.

7. Exclusive Perks for Suite Guests

Royal Caribbean offers extra benefits for those who choose suite experience. From Coastal Kitchen restaurant access to complimentary beverages, suite guests are treated to a range of privileges. In its elevated suite offerings, the hotel offers the Royal Genie service – a butler catering for individual assistance, thereby creating the highest possible service standard.

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With Royal Caribbean Cruise, most experiences are included in your cruise fare. The comprehensive list of complimentary activities ensures that you'll have a jam-packed itinerary without reaching for your wallet at every turn.

However, part of the joy of cruising is having the freedom to tailor your experience to your preferences. Whether it's indulging in specialty dining, treating yourself to a spa day, or exploring new horizons with shore excursions, the extras are there to enhance your cruise.

If you're new to cruising or a seasoned sailor ready for your next adventure, is your go-to platform for seamless bookings. Explore the wonders of the Royal Caribbean and secure your dream vacation. As you set sail, remember that while your cruise fare covers the essentials, choosing “what extras to indulge in” is yours. Bon voyage!

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