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What Cruise Ships Have Flowriders?

Start your cruise adventure with FlowRider, a thrilling 12-meter surf simulator exclusive to Royal Caribbean. Know which ships are hosting this unique experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Are you looking for a fun-filled cruise ship experience? Consider FlowRider, a unique attraction offered exclusively by Royal Caribbean. Initially developed as land-based entertainment, Royal Caribbean has successfully brought the excitement of this 12-meter-long surf simulator, which can yield 100,000 liters of rushing water aboard. This Article brings FlowRider, its operation, and which Royal Caribbean ships provide this exciting experience.

What is FlowRider?

FlowRider is a surf simulator that creates a sensation of surfing, snowboarding, and skating at the same time. The surf wave is a whopping 12 meters long and travels at nearly 20 mph. All age groups of passengers are catered for this exhilarating water sport, giving participants the option of bodysurfing (boogie boarding) or traditional stand-up surfing.

How Much Does FlowRider Cost?

Luckily, you will find FlowRider included in your cruise's fare. It is free of charge, and you may ride it as much as you want. Nevertheless, you may have to queue since it is famous. Lessons can be taken by those who would like to improve their skills at a charge of $69 per person. Such lessons often occur in groups of 6-8 other persons, which must be booked through the cruise planner.

Do You Need to Book FlowRider?

FlowRider does not take bookings – it works on a first-come-first-serve basis. You'll be issued with a safety briefing and wristband on your arrival. While you'll still need to queue up for more attempts, the wristband signals to the staff that you've already been briefed, saving you valuable time.

Can You Rent FlowRider Privately on Royal Caribbean?

For about four hours a day, FlowRider is open to the public. However, reservations for this facility are available for private purposes at this time. The cost is $345 for experienced individuals and will cost $552 if one wants training. 

What Criteria Are There on FlowRider?

How Long Does Your Turn on FlowRider Last?

There is no definite time limit, but your session ends when you fall off your board. Typically, rides take about 3-4 minutes, with some exceptions.

Is FlowRider Difficult?

Despite looking tough, FlowRider is relatively easy to engage in after some practice. Compared to stand-up surfing, boogie boarding is easier, and one only needs time before becoming a pro.

Tips for Riding FlowRider

Incorporating these tips into your FlowRider experience contributes to a safer session and enhances the fun and excitement of riding the waves. Whether you're a first-timer or looking to improve your skills, these insights from expert surfers will surely make your FlowRider adventure memorable.

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have a FlowRider?

Royal Caribbean has brought FlowRider to many of its ships, ensuring that passengers across the fleet can experience the thrill of riding the waves. Here's a brief overview of Royal Caribbean ships having FlowRider, highlighting some of its features.

1. Adventure of the Seas:

This is a dynamic cruise that is medium in size.
Providing one FlowRider for all surfers lovers.

2. Allure of the Seas (x2):

The world's largest cruise ship with many entertainment options.
It has two FlowRiders, making it possible to have fun while surfing.

3. Anthem of the Seas:

Highly modified quantum-class cruise.
It also has a FlowRider experience.

4. Explorer of the Seas:

It has been renovated with new products and services.
Has one FlowRider dedicated to surfers.

5. Freedom of the Seas:

Known as a family-oriented resort destination.
Includes a FlowRider and other entertainment.

6. Harmony of the Seas (x2):

Innovative amenities onboard one of the Oasis-class giants.
Two FlowRiders, suitable for the whole family and adrenaline junkies.

7. Independence of the Seas:

It combines elegance with many on-cruise activities.
It has one FlowRider, ideal for surfers.

8. Liberty of the Seas:

It has plenty of entertainment types with something for everyone.
Adventure-seeking guests can try out the FlowRider.

9. Mariner of the Seas:

More intimate cruising on a Voyager-class ship.
Offers the FlowRider experience on its waterslide for guests seeking water adventures.

10. Navigator of the Seas:

Recently revitalized with updated amenities.
Features the exciting FlowRider experience.

11. Oasis of the Seas (x2):

The pioneer of modern mega-ships in the Oasis class and an example of state-of-the-art mega-spanning cruise vessels.
Two FlowRiders for surfers.

12. Odyssey of the Seas:

New improved ultra-class Quantum ship featuring state-of-the-art technology and facilities.
Features FlowRider and other diverse cruise activities.

13. Ovation of the Seas:

Has the futuristic design of a Quantum-class ship.
Offers the exhilarating FlowRider experience.

14. Quantum of the Seas:

A next-generation Quantum class ship equipped with the latest technologies.
FlowRider for those wanting an adrenalin hit.

15. Voyager of the Seas:

It is a grand Voyager-class vessel that has an old-school appeal.
Has FlowRider so that one can enjoy the adventure of seaborne surfing.

16. Spectrum of the Seas:

Targeting the Asian market, this has the Quantum Ultra class.
Its unique offerings include FlowRider.

17. Symphony of the Seas (x2):

A new state-of-the-art form of entertainment is on board in the latest Oasis class.
Has two FlowRiders for surfing lovers.

18. Wonder of the Seas:

Enjoy the cutting-edge technology of the most recent member of the Oasis family.
Introduces FlowRider for a state-of-the-art cruising experience.

19. Icon of the Seas (2024):

It is an exciting cruise by Royal Caribbean with modern technology. 
Offer the most advanced form of FlowRider.

Each of these ships at Royal Caribbean suits different tastes. Thus, passengers can get the best ship to spend their holiday on, with excitement from the FlowRider ride.


One should try a Royal Caribbean cruise with FlowRider for relaxation, pleasure, and an adrenaline kick. These modern ships give the joy of riding over the waves and having fun at its optimum with a combination of leisure and entertainment. You can visit and enjoy a great vacation of large waves onboard one of the ships.

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