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Which Carnival Cruise Ships Have Waterworks?

Explore the aquatic wonders of WaterWorks on Carnival Cruise Ships. From giant slides to colorful water thrills, find out which cruises offer this top-deck sensation for a family-friendly and exciting voyage.

By Cruise Booking Team

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WaterWorks, a leading cruise adventure feature, is among Carnival Cruise Line's top-deck sensational offerings. The aquatic haven has changed the outlook of the sector to offer various amenities such as giant slides, colorful water thrills, and eye-catching special lighting. However, WaterWorks is more than merely a fun haven for the fearless! It's a spot where families can make unforgettable memories, and there's something for all ages, from little splashers to adults needing a relaxing time. This article will unravel everything about Carnival WaterWorks, its available cruises, and its features.

What is Carnival WaterWorks?

WaterWorks, which is Carnival’s aquatic adventure on the top deck, encompasses a variety of sprinklers or sprayers, fountains, gigantic dump buckets, as well as thrilling water slides. However, each ship has a bit of variation in the setup but guarantees high energy and is filled with water excitement. One can find a variety of slides at waterworks on these ships; for example, the Kaleid-O-Slide on Carnival Vista offers a spiral tube slide with a video game feel to the 450-foot “Cat in the Hat" slide.

Note: Toddlers who are not toilet trained are restricted from using WaterWorks, and it's essential to be aware that no lifeguards are on duty in the area.

Height Requirements for Carnival WaterWorks

Different height restrictions exist for the carnival’s water slides based on the type of slide. Most slides require a minimum height of between 42 and 48 inches to ensure safety and maximum fun for every rider.

Cost of Carnival WaterWorks

The best part? WaterWorks is a complimentary experience for all passengers on Carnival Cruise ships equipped with this exciting feature. It's an inclusive aquatic adventure for everyone on board.

List of Carnival WaterWorks Ships

WaterWorks Delights for All Ages

WaterWorks provides bigger and braver kids or courageous moms and dads with gigantic slides equivalent to ocean thrill. Colored slides with extra light show assure you of a fun-filled adventure that will be both a breathtaking and stimulating experience. Also, for those who would like to get wet without riding on the rides, standing under the PowerDropper will give you a drenching experience when the bucket overhead spills its content. WaterWorks offers one hell of a splashy time for all.

Kid-Friendly Water Adventures

Even children can enjoy WaterWorks. The water slides, specially made for small kids, end with exciting splashing into the pool, which is great fun for the little ones. Carnival Cruise Line appreciates that everyone who goes on holiday should enjoy themselves equally, including children and older people, to have fun.

Beyond WaterWorks: Pools and Relaxation

Some people want to avoid experiencing giant slides or getting fully drenched all through the day. Carnival Cruise Line deals with vast pools that are conventional in style. Passengers can take a dip gently, swim laps, or enjoy the sun on the deck side. Some Carnival ships have two swimming pools that offer different choices.

One pool is located at the vessel's stern, which serves as an escape from all that busy activity. In this area, passengers could bask in beautiful views and salty winds while enjoying peace by the pool. The midship pool, which has a large screen for movies, is the center of relaxation and socializing. Soaking in the sun, water sports, and picture spots - these are guaranteed priorities within the Carnival cruise.

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Carnival Cruise Line not only understands the essence of family fun but also values the need for downtime to recharge. Whether you're plunging down vibrant slides at WaterWorks, enjoying the traditional-style cruise ship pools, or seeking tranquility in the Serenity retreat, Carnival ensures a cruise experience that caters to all preferences. Ready to embark on this unique adventure? Book your Carnival cruise now through and set sail for a vacation where every moment is tailored to your idea of the perfect escape.

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