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Which are the 5 must-visit water parks on cruise ships?

Don’t want to spend long journey hours on a cruise just by looking at the sea? Have a great time choosing one of the 5 best cruise ship water parks!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruises have proven to be a great vacation option, no matter your age. If you travel with younger ones, you will want to check out some of the amazing water parks onboard.

Which are the 5 must-visit water parks on cruise ships?

Some of the best water parks on cruise ships which you cannot miss are as follows:

1. AquaDuck, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy

Most Disney ships have a water park, making them unique from others. Two of its ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, have one of the most famous cruise ship water parks, Aqua Duck. It is a 765-foot-long tube that winds up and down before ending in a lazy river, where two people can slide at a time.

This slide can go over and out of the cruise providing incredible sea views. During the nighttime, the AquaDuck is lit up by the crew member using multi-colored lights, giving a spectacular look.

2. AquaDunk, Disney Magic

Another cruise ship of the Disney line named Disney Magic has a water park named AquaDunk. It has a 212-foot translucent tube which is much more toward the edge than the earlier one. It starts with a 40-foot ascension from the top deck and then is a curve at a height of 20 feet. This curve feels like a floor falling after a long trap. It is considered one of the most exciting cruise ship water parks due to the presence of this slide, giving you a great fall from 3 floors.

3. Dr. Seuss Waterworks, Carnival Horizon

One of the most splashing water parks on cruises is the Dr. Seuss Waterworks on the Carnival Horizon. It is mainly famous for its two twisting water slides, which are almost 300 feet high, with one colored in red and white, whereas the other is colored in blue.

Families or couples with children mostly adore this cruise water park due to its huge splash area. Being on the top deck, it also provides great sea views from its edges. In addition, it has smaller slides for children and a big bucket pouring water on them at frequent intervals.

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4. The Perfect Storm, Royal Caribbean: Symphony of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas

Another famous cruise ship water park for families and children is The Perfect Storm, ships named Symphony of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. These two are ships of the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. The most famous aspects of this water park are its 3 deck-high slides and a massive kids' wet and splash zone. It has all kinds of slides, from large 2-person rafts to small spiral ones.

5. Ocean Loops, Norwegian Bliss, and Joy

The water park of Ocean Loop on the cruise ship named Norwegian Bliss and Joy is famous for its hanging-from-the-edge water slide. It has a multi-story, double-loop water slide, having an 11-foot-long extension out of the ship's edge and nearly 160 feet above the ocean bed.

However, if you are afraid of this ride, it has another great option called Aqua Racer. This is also a multi-story tandem slide with an inner tube that is fully within the area of the ship and not hanging off its edge.

Things to Pack for Cruise Ship Water Parks

The basic things which you should consider packing for cruise ship water parks are as follows:

  • Swimsuits
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses 
  • Waterproof cases for electronic devices


Now that you have already got an idea of all the famous cruises you can try for water activities, head over to and start your cruise search.

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