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Cruises Sailing to New Zealand

New Zealand Cruises

A voyage through the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage of New Zealand creates unforgettable memories. Each port of call promises a unique and immersive experience, blending stunning natural beauty with vibrant traditions and fascinating history. 

Every destination along your journey offers something special to discover. Indulge your senses in the culinary delights of New Zealand, from fresh seafood to world-renowned wines. Immerse yourself in Maori culture, experience traditional music and dance, and explore the rich history of the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa.

Beyond its natural beauty, New Zealand offers a wealth of outdoor activities, from hiking in the rugged mountains to kayaking in pristine waters. Dive into crystal-clear lakes, wander through ancient forests, or simply relax on golden beaches surrounded by stunning scenery.

Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, your journey through New Zealand promises an unforgettable experience filled with moments of wonder and discovery.

New Zealand is a beautiful island country in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The enthralling mountain peaks, slow-flowing water, captivating waterfalls, and fascinating flora and fauna attract tourists. Situated in the middle of the ocean, exploring this island on a cruise ship can be more exciting.

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2 Nights | New Zealand | Disney Cruise Line | Disney Wonder

2 Nights | New Zealand | Disney Cruise Line | Disney Wonder
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $412.60
  • Oceanview $465.50
  • Balcony $555.20
  • Suite $1,068.10
From $412.60* $206.30 / night(s)

5 Nights | New Zealand | Princess | Crown Princess

5 Nights | New Zealand | Princess | Crown Princess

Crown Princess

Auckland Auckland

5 Nights

Auckland | Picton | NPER | Auckland **

Cruise Deals from Auckland

Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $468.00
  • Oceanview $508.00
  • Balcony $668.00
  • Suite $1,018.00
From $468.00* $93.60 / night(s)

10 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor

10 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

Sydney Sydney

10 Nights

Sydney | Wellington | Lyttelton | Dunedin | Fiordland National Park | Sydney **

Cruise Deals from Sydney

Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $589.00
  • Oceanview $846.00
  • Balcony $1,291.00
  • Suite $1,965.00
From $589.00* $58.90 / night(s)

11 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor

11 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $607.00
  • Oceanview $863.00
  • Balcony $1,499.00
From $607.00* $55.18 / night(s)

10 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor

10 Nights | New Zealand | Carnival Cruise Lines | Carnival Splendor
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $620.00
  • Oceanview $889.00
  • Balcony $1,360.00
  • Suite $2,047.00
From $620.00* $62.00 / night(s)

Popular Departure Ports for New Zealand

Each departure port serves as a gateway to a world of exploration and discovery. From the charming coastal town of Napier to the bustling city of Auckland, and from the pristine Bay of Islands to the historic port of Dunedin, these departure points offer direct access to the diverse beauty and captivating history of the region.

New Zealand invites travelers with its picturesque landscapes and promise of unforgettable adventures. Whether you're exploring the art deco architecture of Napier, sailing through the stunning Bay of Islands, or immersing yourself in the cultural hub of Wellington, setting sail from these iconic ports ensures a journey rich with exploration of New Zealand's essence. 

Each port holds its own allure, seamlessly connecting travelers to a tapestry of natural wonders and cultural treasures. Whether it's the golden beaches of Tauranga, the rugged beauty of Lyttelton, or the historic charm of Port Chalmers, New Zealand offers an array of experiences to suit every traveler's desire. 

These renowned ports guarantee a memorable voyage into the heart of New Zealand's captivating scenery, profound history, and vibrant spirit. Whether seeking moments of tranquility amidst the region's natural beauty, the excitement of outdoor adventures, or the depth of cultural immersion, these ports serve as perfect starting points for creating unforgettable memories and experiencing the quintessential allure of New Zealand.  

Top cruise lines to New Zealand

Cruises in New Zealand have some of the greatest specialties that can enhance the thrill of your trip. Since you are ready to be on board, here is the list of some of the best cruises to New Zealand:

1. Majestic Princess Cruise

Majestic Princess Cruise in New Zealand is a part of the cruise line - Princess Cruises. It is one of the most luxurious and comfortable cruises to be on board. Being in a partnership with the Disney channel, this cruise ship accommodates multiple activities for kids and adults. All the cabins to the extreme sides of the cruise have balconies, allowing you to witness the breathtaking views of New Zealand's city

2. Milford Sound Cruise

The Milford Sound Cruise is a UNESCO-listed cruise line that helps to witness the natural wonders in New Zealand. This ship is mainly for sightseeing, where you can enjoy the slow-running water, thrilling waterfalls, and admirable flora and fauna. It provides a tour of the famous Fiordland National Park of New Zealand. Besides that, Bowen Falls, Mitre Peak, and Mount Pembroke are some of the exotic views to experience on this cruise ride.

3. Radiance of the Seas Cruise

A modest-sized cruise and one of the Royal Caribbean's most demanding, Radiance of the Seas Cruise can accommodate more than 2100 passengers. This ship will provide beautiful dining venues that also include various cuisines. The passengers on this ship are mixed and involve young people to old retirees. It can also give you some of the greatest indoor and outdoor activities for kids and adults, causing high adrenaline rush.

4. Bay of Islands Cruise

Bay of Islands is another famous cruise line among others. It starts its tour from the Bay of Islands and takes you to the favorite Hole in the Rock. You will cover Russell, Piercy Island, and other islands in this journey. The total tour on this cruise ship is 3 hours, and it provides services daily. In addition, during this journey, you can see dolphins, different birds, and various unique marine life. 

5. Regent Seven Seas Voyager Cruise

Regent Seven Seas Voyager Cruise is a luxurious cruise around New Zealand. Most passengers on this cruise ship are either affluent families or rich mature couples. It can accommodate a total of 700 passengers on its single voyage. As a passenger, you can get a big deck to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. In addition, all of the cabin rooms on this cruise ship are suites and have an attached balcony to provide an exotic statement with privacy.

Highlights of the New Zealand Cruises

To ensure your comfort and enjoyment, pack light and breathable clothing suitable for diverse climates, sunscreen for protection against the sun's rays, and sturdy footwear for your adventures.

Onboard, immerse yourself in a world of diverse dining options, entertainment, and activities that enhance your New Zealand experience. From cultural tours delving into the region's heritage to nature expeditions showcasing its untouched beauty, shore excursions promise adventure at every turn. With departures from picturesque ports like Napier, Tauranga, Auckland, Bay of Islands, Wellington, Lyttelton, and Port Chalmers (Dunedin), you can tailor your voyage to align perfectly with your desires—whether seeking immersive exploration or leisurely discovery. 






Bay of Islands:



Port Chalmers (Dunedin):

Your New Zealand cruise promises an unforgettable journey filled with adventure, relaxation, and the discovery of the diverse cultures, histories, and natural wonders that define this captivating region. 

Final takeaway

New Zealand is a wonderful place to spend holidays with your family. A cruise trip on this island country can be the cherry on the cake, considering all the specialties offered on each ship. Moreover, visiting here between December and March will help you enjoy the exotic scenic view. 

Therefore, without further delay, book online cruise now at CruiseBooking.com to avail yourself of some of the best offers. It will allow you to compare various cruises and choose the best one.

FAQs for Cruises to New Zealand

Yes, you can visit New Zealand on your own. You need the right cruise line to take you to New Zealand.

Yes, various major cruise lines sail to New Zealand, including the famous ones such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, and Carnival.

Yes, you can cruise to New Zealand and other destinations such as Auckland, the Bay of Islands, Dunedin, and Fiordland National Park, a beautiful stretch of deep fjords on the South Island.

Yes, New Zealand is renowned for its diverse wildlife, including dolphins, seals, penguins, and various bird species. Keep your eyes peeled during scenic cruising and shore excursions for opportunities to spot these fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.

Absolutely! New Zealand's indigenous Maori culture is an integral part of the country's identity. Many cruises offer cultural experiences such as traditional Maori performances, visits to Maori villages (marae), and opportunities to learn about Maori history, art, and customs.

Shore excursions in New Zealand cater to a wide range of interests. You can explore volcanic landscapes in Rotorua, visit award-winning wineries in Marlborough, embark on scenic rail journeys in Dunedin, or experience adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping or jet boating in Queenstown.
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