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Cruises Sailing to Pacific-Coastal

Pacific Coastal Cruises

Explore the Pacific Coastal region on a relaxing cruise. Sail along the stunning coastline, taking in the beautiful sights of the ocean and surrounding areas. The journey offers a chance to discover the diverse culture and natural beauty of the coastal communities. Enjoy the calm waters and fresh sea air as you experience the simplicity and charm of this unique coastal adventure. Discover local traditions and savor delicious cuisine while making lasting memories on this easygoing cruise.

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2 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Majestic Princess

2 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Majestic Princess
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $158.00
  • Balcony $180.00
  • Suite $228.00
From $158.00* $79.00 / night(s)

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Sapphire Princess

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Sapphire Princess
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $179.00
  • Oceanview $206.00
  • Balcony $386.00
  • Suite $494.00
From $179.00* $44.75 / night(s)

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Grand Princess

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Grand Princess
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $188.00
  • Oceanview $215.00
  • Balcony $348.00
  • Suite $498.00
From $188.00* $47.00 / night(s)

3 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Ruby Princess

3 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Princess | Ruby Princess
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $198.00
  • Oceanview $231.00
  • Balcony $278.00
  • Suite $428.00
From $198.00* $66.00 / night(s)

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Holland America | Koningsdam

4 Nights | Pacific Coastal | Holland America | Koningsdam
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $199.00
  • Oceanview $249.00
  • Balcony $299.00
  • Suite $499.00
From $199.00* $49.75 / night(s)

Popular Departure Ports for Pacific Coastal Cruise

Many cruise ships depart from ports along the Pacific coast. These departure points include cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. These cities serve as gateways to exciting journeys along the Pacific coastline. Travelers can explore beautiful destinations such as Alaska, California, and Mexico from these ports. Each city offers its charm and attractions, making the departure experience diverse and enjoyable for passengers. Whether you're setting sail from Seattle's busy port or San Francisco's iconic waterfront, there's something for everyone along the Pacific coast.

Things to know about Pacific Coastal Cruises

Pacific Coastal cruises offer a chance to explore the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean. These cruises take you on a journey along the shorelines of countries like the United States, Canada, and Mexico. You get to experience the sights and sounds of coastal cities and towns, enjoying the fresh sea breeze and the gorgeous views of the ocean. On these cruises, you can discover quaint fishing villages, historic landmarks, and charming coastal communities, making memories that last a lifetime.

During a Pacific Coastal cruise, you'll have opportunities to engage in various activities both on board and on land. From exploring local markets and tasting delicious seafood to participating in shore excursions like nature walks or cultural tours, there's something for everyone. You can chill on deck and enjoy the sunshine or take part in onboard entertainment and enrichment programs. With a Pacific Coastal cruise, you can enjoy the beauty and culture of the coastal regions.

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Best Cruises to the Pacific Coastal

Here are the top cruise lines offering specialized itineraries for the Pacific Coastal:

1. Explora I | Explora Journeys

Explora I is the first ship from Explora Journeys, a luxury cruise line. It uses new maritime technology for unique journeys. Designed by top designers, it combines Swiss precision with modern European craft. With cozy and lively areas, there's one crew member for every 1.25 guests for great service.

Guests can enjoy dining at nine restaurants featuring global cuisine at flexible times. The ship has an indoor/outdoor spa and fitness areas for wellness. Customized programs and spa treatments ensure relaxation both onboard and onshore.

2. Silver Nova | Silversea Cruises

Silversea's eleventh ship, Silver Nova, has room for up to 728 guests; Silver Nova's unique design promises a new experience. It's also Silversea's most eco-friendly ship yet. Silver Nova redefines luxury travel, focusing on sustainability.

Its innovative design respects the delicate ecosystems of the places it visits. The ship offers new suite options, like aft suites with amazing 270° views. Silversea's renowned services, like butler service for each suite, are elevated on board.

3. Viking Neptune | Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Neptune started its first trip in December 2022 with room for 930 passengers. It resembles its sister, Viking Mars, and features modern amenities and Scandinavian design. On board, enjoy a spa, gym, jazz lounge, and theaters with live entertainment.

All rooms have a veranda for ocean views. With eight restaurants, including The Restaurant and World Café, Viking Neptune travels to Europe, the Mediterranean, Canada, and the USA, offering transatlantic and world cruises.

4. Seven Seas Explorer | Regent Seven Seas

The Seven Seas Explorer changed the definition of luxury on the ocean. Every detail, from marble floors to crystal chandeliers, shows the effort put into its design. It showcases a unique art collection with pieces by famous artists like Picasso and Chagal.

With all-suite, all-balcony accommodations, it provides more room per guest than any other ship. The highlight is the unique Regent Suite with a massive balcony. Regent Seven Seas Cruises stands out by offering unlimited shore excursions and complimentary specialty restaurants in every port.

5. Regatta | Oceania Cruises

Regatta is just the right size for a comfortable cruise experience. With only 694 passengers, there's plenty of room to relax. The ship has various facilities, from lounges to restaurants like the Italian Toscana. It can access unique ports that big ships can't reach.

While cabins are cozy, extras like drinks come at an extra cost. Service is excellent, and entertainment is modest compared to larger ships. If you enjoy good food, personalized service, and interesting destinations, consider Regatta for your next cruise.

6. Island Princess | Princess Cruises

Island Princess is your private retreat at sea. Relax or have fun with Lotus Spa®, live shows, gourmet dining, and a casino. Don't miss Bayou Café and Steakhouse for New Orleans flavors. With 2,200 guests and 900 crew, refurbished in 2017, it offers Princess MedallionClass® for personalized cruising with fast Wi-Fi and TrulyTouchless™ service.

Highlights of the Pacific Coastal Cruises

Explore the wonders of Pacific Coastal Cruises, where you can enjoy the lovely sights of the ocean and charming coastal towns. Experience the beauty of nature as you sail along the Pacific coast, discovering hidden gems and quaint villages along the way. Relax on board as you soak up the soothing sea breeze and indulge in delicious cuisine prepared by expert chefs. From lively ports to serene beaches, each stop offers something new to explore and enjoy. Join us for an extraordinary journey along the Pacific coast.









Los Cabos:

Los Cabos

Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta



Panama Canal:

Panama Canal



This cruise itinerary promises not only the allure of sun-kissed beaches and azure waters but also a journey rich in history, culture, and the natural beauty of the Bahamas and beyond. From the tranquility of private islands to the lively streets of Nassau and Freeport, embark on an unforgettable voyage that captures the essence of Bahamian paradise.

FAQs for Cruises to Pacific Coastal

Booking a Pacific Coastal cruise with is easy! Simply visit our site or contact our support team to explore available cruise options, compare prices, and select the itinerary that suits your preferences and budget. frequently offers special deals and discounts on Pacific Coastal cruises. Be sure to check our cruise booking site regularly or subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed regarding the latest promotions and savings opportunities. We strive to make your cruise experience both memorable and affordable.

Pacific Coastal Cruises offers a variety of amenities to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. These may include spacious cabins, onboard dining options, entertainment venues, pools, fitness centers, spas, and recreational activities.

During a Pacific Coastal cruise, you can participate in a range of activities suited to your interests. These may include onboard lectures, live performances, dance classes, fitness sessions, culinary demonstrations, and shore excursions to explore local attractions.

Pacific Coastal cruises usually include ports of call along the western coast of North America, such as Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. These cruises may also visit scenic locations in Mexico.

Yes, many Pacific Coastal cruises offered by are family friendly. You can find cruises with kid-friendly activities, entertainment, and dining options suitable for all ages.
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