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The 5 Best Beaches in Sydney

Accomplish your travel goals this year by visiting the best beaches in Sydney and spending sun-drenched afternoons at the waterfront.

By Cruise Booking Team

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The best beaches in Sydney offer the best of everything you hope to enjoy in Australia. Although the city has over a dozen beaches that attract visitors from various parts of the world, the ones listed below top the charts for many reasons.

Plus, you can get to some of the places as a rest-stop during a luxurious cruise. Let us explore everything you can expect to enjoy in the best coastal spots of Sydney on your next trip to Australia. Mark every activity that interests you, whether it be trying adventurous sports or spending some leisure quality time with your loved ones!

5 best beaches in Sydney to Explore

1. Bondi Beach

If you are into beach vacations, then you must have heard of the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney. It is one of the closest beaches to the enormous Sydney central business district, making it a hotspot of most tour itineraries. This seaside buzzes with globe-trotting tourists, laid-back locals, and fun-loving families. The Bondi to Coogee walk will remain etched in your memory for a long time.

Apart from the breath taking views, you can satisfy your shopping cravings at the market stalls that open on Sundays along the coast.

2. Shelly Beach

It is one of the top beaches in Sydney city that you must visit for a special evening. The picturesque view of the Shelly Beach is just a 20-minute walk away from the Corso. If you want some peace and quiet while listening to the melodious sound of sea waves, then this place is the best getaway for you.

Being the only west-facing beach along the Sydney coast, this spot will give you the best sunset view of all time.

3. Manly Beach

If you walk past the famous Sydney Opera House, then it will take you around 30 minutes to reach Manly Beach. After Bondi, it is one of the most fun-filled beaches in Sydney, Australia. Basking on the golden sand and surfing the swells are the two most loved activities on this beach. With plenty of nearby attractions, local shops, activities, water sports, restaurants, and bars, this place will keep you busy all day long.

Moreover, this beach is the perfect destination for you if you have kids. The netted beach pool will keep your kids busy throughout the day while you enjoy your drinks by the beach.

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4. Balmoral Beach

One of the best family beaches in Sydney Harbour, the Balmoral Beach is lined with plenty of cafes and idyllic picnic spots. You can enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, and windsurfing on this beach. It is made safe for children to swim with shark nets lined in numerous parts of the beach. Plan your next family trip to this beach in Sydney to make wonderful memories.

5. Palm Beach

If you want to bathe and frolic in cool waters, then visit Palm Beach. Surrounded by tall palm trees, this spacious beach attracts everyone. It hosts almost all the activities and beach fun you wish to enjoy. The upscale restaurants and cafes serve the popular delicacies of Australia.

Plan Your Dream Trip Now!

The waterside life in Sydney has always been a hot topic amongst travelers and wanderlust enthusiasts. Beaches in Sydney harbor are popular as the “star locations” of the city where vistors are welcomed all year long.

For the most exclusive and well-planned cruise tours to these places, visit Plan a trip to the luxurious destinations of this city by creating an itinerary that includes all the top attractions and learn more about how to enjoy your family cruise trip with toddlers that will make your travel plans even more spectacular.

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