entrace gate istambul
entrace gate istambul

Top Reasons to Visit Istanbul for Travelaholics

Is Istanbul on your bucket list? Check out these top reasons to visit.

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In Istanbul, both antique and modern coexist harmoniously. It showcases an exquisite balance between the vintage charm of its historical landmarks as well as the advanced commercial buildings. Well, Turkey’s major city, Istanbul, might not be on your bucket list, but there are pretty solid reasons to include it in your traveler’s list. To know more about it, check out some of the top reasons to visit Istanbul, which will give you a taste of the middle-east wrapped in lights and glamor.


Top Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Some of the top reasons to visit this megacity include the following –

1. Explore Two Continents

Turkey is a blissful amalgamation of two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul sits perfectly between them., The European side is decorated by the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace. You can find some historic neighborhoods, cafes, and vividly painted houses, and the bohemian atmosphere will make you feel alive.

In comparison, the Asian side is placid with laid-back restaurants and relaxed districts such as Kadiköy. You can find some great markets, including food and fish markets. Also, you can take a trip to Bosphorus, which offers some wonderful views; Caddebostan, a small beach; and Moda, which is a reputed quirky museum. So, one of the best reasons for visiting Istanbul is to experience two different cultures in one place.

2. Dive into its Fantastic History

Istanbul, a melting pot of cultures, has a remarkable history of civilization, religion, and emperors, shaping it for several hundred years. You can see the incredible Byzantine Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque, and can witness a piece of its history.

3. Turkish Hammams

For people who love the spa, Istanbul is a perfect place. This megalopolis is famous for its century-old bathing tradition called “hammam”. This is a public bath in marble-clad steamy rooms. Here, you will be attended to by a masseur who will do an exfoliation treatment with soap, salt, and warm water. This is undoubtedly a relaxing experience. So if you are still thinking, 'Is Istanbul worth visiting?’ check out the following pointers.

4. Vivid Markets

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is an example of Istanbul’s beauty. This is one of the largest and oldest markets on earth, with around 4000 shops, a post office, a mosque, and a police station. The grandeur portrayal of this market attracts tourists around the world and is an idyllic part of this city. You can find handloom garments, floral painted ceramics, stained-glass lanterns, and many other things that you can buy for souvenirs.

5. Incredible Rooftops

You probably have seen photos of the panoramic roofs of Istanbul on the internet. This place will feel outlandish as it brilliantly cuts the cacophony of the Istanbul streets. The serene views from the top will offer fresh air and an open, clear sky. You can also head towards the urban canopy to find some amazing panoramas and excellent bars.

Other than this, there are also multiple reasons to explore this magical city. A few of those are –

Are you ready to go??

Apart from its signature offerings, the city is also considered safe. Therefore, solo travelers can also explore the city on their own, and with warm hospitality, the journey is more memorable. So, if you are looking for reasons to visit, consider the above-mentioned top reasons to visit Istanbul.

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