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10 Best Isolated Beaches in Australia

Whether you are looking to relax on an idyllic shore or drive headfirst into tropical seas, there is a perfect beach destination cut there just waiting to be discovered.

By Cruise Booking Team

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You might not know that Australia is a place with over 10,000 beaches. The coastal line of Australia stretches over 50,000 kilometers. So, if you prefer to visit a beach off the tourist trail, then here are the top ten beaches hidden around Australia.

Top 10 Isolated Beaches Hidden Inside Australia

1. Store Beach, New South Wales

Store beach is a hidden nook in Australia’s biggest city New South Wales. This urban beach offers you a tranquil and remote escape from the crowds of city life. This is an isolated beache which is only accessible by boat or ferry. You can rent a kayak on the shore, kick back and enjoy.

Time to visit: Late February, March, October, and November

Things you can do: Snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and diving

2. Gatakers Bay Beach, Queensland

Gatakers Bay lies between the Northern Eli Point and Vernon Central Point. It has been said that Point Vernon is the most massive rocky promontory on the coast. The weather is most pleasant, and that makes it ideal for spending your holidays. Don’t forget to wait for the perfect sunset at the beach. Here you will see palm trees and very few people. And that makes this place ideal for spending a quiet day.

Time to visit: September

Things you can do: Paddleboarding, swimming, fishing, crabbing, and kayaking

3. Kitty Miller Bay Beach, Victoria

An ideal beach for snorkeling lovers is Kitty Miller Bay in Victoria. It is a picturesque beach in a circular shape with a large rocky platform exposed at low tide. You can spend the entire day sitting back, relaxing, and watching the waves rolling in. This bay is a part of the Phillip Island penguin parade. The place is quiet, lovely, and safe. Take a panoramic shot from the top of the cliff for amazing pictures.

Time to visit: December to February

Things you can do: Swimming, fossicking, surfing, beach walks, fishing, and snorkeling

4. Cape Leveque, Western Australia

Cape Leveque is located in the Dampier Peninsula, and is perfect for all adventure seekers. It is an ideal and mesmerizing location with fantastic beauty that you might have never seen before. When you take a drive from Broome to reach Cape Leveque, you will find unpaved roads throughout the journey. You can also go to a remote safari-camp in the isolated wilderness of the Dampier Peninsula.

Time to visit: After May-end

Things you can do: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, camping, and soaking up the complete peacefulness and beauty

5. Blackmans Bay Beach, Tasmania

Blackmans Bay Beach is a perfect escape from Kingston for safe-swimming and seeing a blowhole though the rocks. The water is usually quite cold but still ideal for swimming.

Time to visit: Mid-November to Mid-April

Things you can do: Hiking trails, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and beach walk

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6. Pebbly Beach, NSW

Pebbly Beach is a beach covered with stones and pebbles rather than sand. It is home to surfing kangaroos and is located in the Murramarang National Park. Here you will see the dolphins riding waves, sea eagles flying above the beach, and some oystercatchers on the shores. You will also see greenery around the cliffs that are buffeted by salty sea winds.

Time to visit: April and May

Things you can do: Go on bush walks, camping, hiking, fishing, and surfing

7. Kutti Beach, NSW

Kutti Beach is the best escape from the city life of Sydney. It is located in Lee of the Village Point. It is one of the hidden gems of Sydney and a dog-friendly paradise. It is accessible from a small walkway at the end of Wharf Road and between Gibson’s beach and Parsely Bay. Enjoy this private tropical paradise.

Time to visit: Fall season

Things you can do: Surfing, Fishing, boating, and lounging on the deck

8. Coffin Bay, South Australia

Coffin bay is a trendy holiday spot among Australians with clear and calm water. It is famous for its oysters, spectacular fishing, and National Park. Apart from fishing and water sports, you will see pods of dolphins, fur seals, sea lions, and native birds. There are boats for hire nearby if you want to explore further.

Time to visit: Mid-October to Mid-May

Things you can do: Sailing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, boating, fishing, and waterskiing

9. Hamersley Gorge, WA

Hamersley Gorge is in Karijini National Park. It is a broader and more amphitheater-like shape than the other gorges in the park. This valley is one of the isolated gorges that offers marvelous sights and pleated bands of colored rocks. The rocks are in swirls shape, and waterfalls rush into tranquil pools.

Time to visit: In winter

Things you can do: Spa treatment, Dip into the gorge, hiking, swimming, and scuba diving

10. Dreamtime Beach, NSW

Dreamtime Beach is a coastline that peacefully stretches along Wommin Bay. It features dramatic rock formations and fine sand with crystal clear water. It is a family-friendly, patrolled beach with rules and restrictions.

Time to visit: Year-round

Things you can do: Forest walk, surfing, swimming, fishing, and sunbathing


Whether you are looking for something relaxing or adventure, Australia has covered everything for you. The above beaches are famous among travelers and locals.

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